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Public Town Hall Meeting for Ohio Medical Marijuana Patients

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The following petition was created to organize the needs of Ohio's patients and to request a formal public town hall meeting with Ohio lawmakers, the ohio pharmacy board, state and local law enforcement, Ohio cannabis growers and processors , dispensary owners and most importantly, we, the patients . Many issues and concerns have continued to not be resolved or addressed and many patients are still unclear about many aspects of Ohio's medical cannabis program.

We would like the venue and any fees associated with the event to be covered by the state. Also, it would be beneficial to allow patients to bring their medication with them to the event due to many patients traveling long distances to attend the meeting. If possible, public transportation assistance should be offered in every county to any legal patient who wants to attend so that everyone who wants to participate can attend.

The following are issues, concerns and questions that we would like state officials to address;

1. Seeds in the weed or mold on weed

2. Regarding CCW, is it possible to have a CCW and a medical cannabis card? If not, will that change in the future?

3. Medication Availability and Prices.

4. There are delays in dispensaries opening with no reason given and no timeline of when they will open.

5. Law enforcement concerns; it seems like officers are confused or unclear about the legality of medical cannabis and patients. Education of officers across Ohio should be done efficiently and concisely.

6. Concerns about chemicals and pesticides used in the growing and producing of medical cannabis.

7. There is much confusion with the 90 day supply program and how many days of purchasing a patient has left at any given time during the 90 days.

8. More education is needed for Ohioans in general, and especially patients, on Medical Cannabis, its benefits, different methods of use, and many other aspects of cannabis.

9. Dispensaries not being allowed to market or promote their business .

10. There is confusion on what devices are legal and not legal as well as a lack of training on how to use state approved devices .

11. Currently, growing at home is illegal in Ohio. Will that change? How soon?

12. Confusion about hemp and cbd laws .

13. People being treated unfairly, losing jobs, being charged unnecessary fees by doctors, being turned down for loans, etc because they have medical cannabis card .

14. Pain management clinics are cutting some patients off from opiod pain contracts because they are entering into the medical cannabis program. This creates much unnecessary suffering and frustration for patients.

15. Law enforcement is confused on how to treat any marijuana related incidents.

16. Patients and potential patients lack public resources to get more information about the medical cannabis program other than social media and word of mouth, which is often unreliable. Dispensaries and doctors oftentimes aren't educating patients effectively.

17. When will reciprocity with other states, such as Michigan, come into effect?

18. What will happen if I have my medical cannabis card and I have my medication with me and I am pulled over by Ohio State Patrol or some county sheriff from Hamilton County . Will they take my medication and hold it for up to 6 years and maybe prosecute me in the future .

19. Will recreational cannabis be allowed in the near future?

20. There are many concerns with the Hypur application. It takes 3 days before funds are drafted from a patient's account which causes confusion in some cases, most people prefer to use a debit card rather than write checks, and the system seems risky in some aspects. A representative should be present at the meeting to answer concerns regarding the Hypur application.

If anyone, including patients, caregivers, cannabis industry employees, doctors, etc. should have any further concerns or questions that weren't covered, please feel free to message me. Thank you for taking the time to read this petition. If we all work together and help one another, Ohio's medical program can be one that we all can be happy with.

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