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Petition For Psychiatric Patient Rights

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Petition For Psychiatric Patient Rights With the current way of doing things at Binghamton General Hospital in New York State if you become depressed or mentally unwell in any way and need immediate treatment you are told to check yourself into the Binghamton General (CPEP) unit. The problem is that even if you go in voluntarily you are locked in a prison like setting and lose rights to leave the hospital at any time you choose. There is a 3 day appeal for your release and a psychiatrist decides for you if you have the right to leave the hospital for a nice walk outdoors or go get some food you like. Many people are held there for over 20-30 days even months in some cases unable to go outside. This applies even if you are a law abiding citizen with no crimes and have in no way harmed others and came voluntarily and want to leave. This petition is for lawmakers to pass legislation that permits citizens who have broken no laws who test clean for illegal drug use upon admission to CPEP voluntarily to retain their right to leave of their own accord at any time time should they choose to. Also, to pass legislation that allows involuntary status patients to receive regular outdoor activity and exercise that even those in the prison system receive. Those who are in Binghamton General Krembs 3/5 and M5 units are generally not allowed such activities. Should we deprive sick people seeking help the privileges we give convicted murderers and rapists? Such as the ability to go outside and get fresh air on a daily basis. Please support voluntary patients rights to leave whenever they choose and involuntary patients right to fresh air and outdoor activity.

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