User RIGHTS Againts Sonys Actions!

Shanon Jamieson
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THIS Petition gives us the PEOPLE and Users of Sonys device (The PlayStation 3 aka PS3) a say to what sony is doing is wrong. This is a petition that is meant for good and no harm towards sony but a say and hopefuly legal action againts what sony is doing and how they can bend the system that they created claiming when it originally was released "It Does Everything". That "It Does Everything" advertisement later since being released slowly died away because of how Sony has and still are doing what they want to there system without the users consent of what else they have introduced in their Firmware Updates that aren't fully explained by Sony.

 One person named George Hotz (AkA Geohot)  has been summoned to court by sony for 'opening' the PS3 system allowing it's users to back-up the games we OWN. What Sony claims allows users to install 'unauthorised' and 'illegal' software is not illegal at all and is VERY similar and exactly the same software you Buy for a Computer that allows you to backup your CDs/DVDs to prevent the risk of future damage.

 Remember this is for a good cause! Sony has failed to stand up to the minimal standards many of its own users have been expecting, Example; Removal of the OtherOS feature which allowed the Owner/User of the PS3 System install a Linux based OS with minimal control over the PS3 System itself.

 Hopefully with Everyone who has read this will agree and sign this petition for sony to update its Users privacy with what information is being stored and sent out to Sony without, User Security, And to return Features the PS3 System use to have.

 Sign the petition to show the support towards Mr. Hotz lawsuit that sony has put againts him. We are speaking as people and do not wish for sony to do what ever they want with the system they have released that no longer belongs to THEM when sold.




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