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Allows Conscientious Exemption to Vaccine Mandates

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Don’t let Hawaii’s bills to ADD A CONSCIENTIOUS EXEMPTION to vaccine mandates die without public testimony.

Whereas... HB2459 and SB2270 deserve to have a fair hearing in committee, and the public’s voices heard.

Whereas... in free and ethical societies, BODILY SOVEREIGNTY is a fundamental human right and vaccination should only require a “Fully Informed Consent.”

Whereas... Vaccine Injuries are REAL. Not Rare.

Whereas… Vaccine mandates violate the Hawai’i State Constitution, Section 1.6 “Right to Privacy” by failing to provide a “compelling state interest” for each vaccine currently mandated for children.

Whereas...”vaccine herd immunity” is an unattainable, false theory due to emerging vaccine failures, and the fact most adults are not “up to date”.

Whereas... vaccines can cause injury, death and fail to work just like any pharmaceutical product, BUT are mandated for 72 million children, with all vaccine providers and manufacturers exempt from liability claims (1986 NCVIA).

Whereas... the scientific gold standard, a randomized, double-blind, inert-placebo controlled study, is not required for vaccine safety or efficacy testing.

Whereas....U.S. regulatory agencies have neglected and refuse to commission a total health outcomes comparison study between totally unvaccinated, and those vaccinated according to CDC recommendations.

Whereas... under the oversight, regulation, and recommendations of our current health agencies we have the sickest generation of children in the history of mankind; 54% suffer from 1 or more chronic autoimmune, allergic, neurodevelopmental or other disorders.

Whereas.... all manufacturers’ inserts state “vaccines are not tested for carcinogenic or mutagenic effects, or for impairment of fertility.”

Whereas.... vaccines cannot be “unavoidably unsafe” and “safe and effective” at the same time.

Whereas... Parents know their children better than any government or public health official and are commanded by our creator to protect those children.

Whereas... Hawaii’s HAR11-157 just added 5 more vaccines to be required for school eligibility (including HPV/Gardasil) yet this vaccine schedule as administered has NEVER been evaluated for cumulative or long term safety.

Whereas... The U.S. gives more vaccines than any other developed country yet has the highest infant mortality rate.

Whereas... There have been nearly 75,000 adverse reactions and 500 deaths reported to VAERS due to the HPV/ Gardasil vaccine.

Whereas... Merck is currently in federal court accused of FRAUD during their clinical safety trials of HPV/Gardasil.

Whereas... adult employment mandates are on the rise, there has been discussion within the EU about a common vaccination card/passport by 2022, and questions have surfaced about the intent of our new "REAL ID".

Whereas... an experimental fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine could be mandated without quarantine option.

Whereas... there are several hundred vaccines in the development pipeline.

Whereas... the more the government & health officials use intimidation and coercion, the more vaccine hesitancy, mistrust, and resistance arises.

Therefore….. I respectfully request that Chairs John Mizuno and Rosalyn Baker hear our bills in their Health and CPH Committees. Please attempt to understand what’s behind this massive, global, human rights movement of “vaccine hesitancy” and awareness, rather than censor and deny the thousands of passionate and educated voices who represent “government by the people, for the people”.

My Body, My Child, My Conscience, My Choice

Informed Consent is a Human Right


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