Stop the Destructon of the Tarsands

Rafael Rivero
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The Tarsands are located in Western Canada in Alberta. Believed to be a huge reservoir for oil, which is embedded in the soil and sand. The refining of the oil requires the complete deforestation of the area and the removal of the topsoil. Apart from that, massive amounts of water are also required. All the toxins pulled from the area would wash down into rivers and vaporize into the air, killing or poisoning most of the local ecosystems and towns in the area. The animals in the surroundings would perish and the ecosystems could never recover until decades passed if the project was stopped. The whole process would release 3 times more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil refining and use up so much freshwater that it is equivalent of giving the neighboring Canadian city water for a year. This is already happening on a small scale, but oil companies like Shell and others are pushing for it to be done in a grander scale and have already invested over $250 billion dollars on this endeavor. That amount of money is enough to reach half of 50 countries main millennium goals. Can we not come up with a better way to do this? Help us to stop this terrible carnage on the face of planet earth by signing this petition.





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