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Petition to UN and world leaders to protect ethnic religions

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His Excellency Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General The United Nations 1 United Nations Plaza New York, New York 10017-3515 Dear Mr. Secretary-General: We would like to draw your attention towards the ever increasing threats posed by exclusivist philosophies which result in religious intolerance. The Roman Catholic church and other exclusivist religious groups define the ethnic religions as \'imperfect\' or \'works of Satan\'. By misusing the internationally accepted declaration of freedom of religion, these groups have been expressing their religious intolerance by imposing a proselytization agenda which destroys religious pluralism in general and ethnic religions specifically. By using the financial muscle of the West and by employing advanced persuasion techniques, these groups design organizations like Project Joshua ( to target regions where ethnic communities live. By defining ethnic religions as uncivilized or evil, exclusivist groups justify a proselytization agenda in the name of social service. Many ethnic religions are dwindling in numbers under the relentless pressure of enticements and coercions. A rich diversity of human ritual, tradition, and wisdom soon may be extinct. Already, museums and history books now provide the record of religions and cultures that couldn\'t withstand this onslaught. We, a group representing surviving ancient religions, are holding a demonstration and a parade in New York during the papal visit to United Nations. We voice our our protest against proselytization and exclusive truth claims that lead to dehumanizing of all who do not share those beliefs. The United Nations upholds freedom of religion. Part of that freedom is freedom from intrusive, manipulative conversion pressures by any organized and exclusivist religion. Accordingly, we formally request the following. 1) Exclusivist groups teach new converts that their old neighbors and community members are demonic. This disrupts communities and has triggered lethal violence. We request you to declare it an international offense to demonize ethnic religions. 2) The exclusivist groups have been using donations from rich nations to proselytize ethnic communities, many of which are poor. Therefore, We request you to ban money transfers by exclusivist groups into regions inhabited by vulnerable ethnic groups. 3) Basic human services are offered as a means to an end, an enticement dangled before desperate people to induce conversion. In a time of need these enticements have the same effect ascoercion . Please invoke an international ban on exclusivist groups offering social and community services in regions inhabited by ethnic groups. 4) Because this problem is so widespread and well funded, it is not possible for the United Nations hierarchy to address it without the involvement of individual nation states. Please mandate every nation to annually report the steps taken by every country to protect native religions from the predations of exclusivist groups. 5) The problem is exacerbated because minority religions lack representation when relevant policies are being discussed. The UN and respective state Governments should involve representatives of ethnic groups in all policy matters pertaining to religion. Your swift intervention is crucial. We await it with the highest expectations. Sincerely, Forum to Protect Religions ( and the Undersigned


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