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#ProtectCrossGene - Idols are Singers, not Hosts.

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On January 27th, Amuse posted a notice for a fanmeet on Cross Gene's official Japanese website. While excited at first, CandY quickly became un-amused after reading through the fanmeet details and noticing that as part of the paid ticket, Amuse was offering host like services from Cross Gene to fans. These services included things such as hair stroking, back hugs and massages.

Amuse offering these services from their artists is NOT okay and CandY started protesting such things almost immediately in both Korea and abroad.

During the course of these protests, several fans have stated that this is a "normal" style of promotion and other groups have done things similar. We refuse to accept that this makes it okay for the same to be done to Cross Gene and are equally as horrified that other groups have been expected to provide such "services" to fans.

The idea that the sale of idols as hosts or escorts to fans is normal behaviour needs to end here.

Cross Gene deserve better. All Idols deserve better.

As these things are booked through travel agencies, if we take this stand for Cross Gene, we will send the message to companies and agencies alike that we will not stand for our idols being marketed and sold like meat.

What if this is part of Cross Gene's gratitude?

Well if it is "normal" and "other idols have done this before" then its not from Cross Gene, is it?

Cross Gene are not permitted to do anything more than sign an album at any other time. They're not allowed to express their gratitude as they wish in any manner otherwise.

When you add a price tag to it, it stops being "gratitude" and starts being a paid for service. This is tantamount to prostitution of idols by agencies and should not be given a pass or made excuses for.

Other things Amuse can do to promote Cross Gene and make more money from Cross Gene:

  • Make their albums available in digital form on platforms such as iTunes and Spotify in more countries.
  • Make their albums and merchandise available to be purchased easily and in many cases, outside of Japan.
  • Create an official Lightstick - all fans buy the lightstick
  • Make more merchandise which is available to buy worldwide - not just in Japan.
  • Release DVDs of their concerts for sale - again, in more countries than Japan.
  • Remove geoblocks of their music videos on their Vevo.
  • Upload more of their Music Videos to their official channel
  • Look for more opportunities for the members to promote and perform

Feel free to add more things to this list as it is hardly exhaustive.

If Amuse wants to "Grant our wishes" - then these are our wishes:

  1. Remove all inappropriate "Host like" services from the fanmeet
  2. Treat Cross Gene with the decency and respect they deserve as artists and humans.
  3. Allow Cross Gene to show their gratitude to their fans in their own way by their own choice.
  4. Never again attempt to sell or promote Cross Gene in this manner.

Other things you can do to help CandY protect Cross Gene:

-Please tweet @AmuseKorea and @CROSS_GENE with the hashtag #크로스진은_가수입니다 (Cross Gene are Singers)

-Please help by spreading this petition to all Kpop fans with the hashtag #ProtectCrossGene. Please explain how important this is.

- Please help support Cross Gene's pending comeback - Mirror - with the hopes that if Cross Gene can do well this comeback, Amuse will stop trying to sell them in this manner.

Background Information:

About Cross Gene:

Cross Gene are a six member multi-national idol group who debuted in 2012. The members include Shin Won Ho, known for his recent role as the hacker Tae Oh in Legend of the Blue Sea, and Terada Takuya, who shot to popularity during his time and the original Japanese Representative on JTBCs Abnormal Summit.

Other members, Yongseok, recently became known for his work in musicals, Casper who recently starred as the lead in Taiwan movie Battle of Hip Hopera, Seyoung, owner of the amazing voice from Witches Castle OST track - Without You and Sangmin, ball of Sunshine and member of MoTF idol dance group.

Cross Gene are extremely talented, providing amazing vocals and performance at all times, and release some of the best tracks each year. They have come close to a Music Show win twice, having been nominated 5 times - 3 times for Play With Me and twice for Noona, You.

Cross Gene's popularity continues to grow as steadily as the hard work and effort that they have put into promoting and building their fandom over these past almost 5 years.

Dear Cross Gene,

I apologise without hesitation for any stress or upset this petition causes you.

CandY want much for Cross Gene. Recognition, love, but above all, Respect. Your love and gratitude to us always shows, and we have never needed such things to see and feel it before. And your love and gratitude for us should always be from your heart, with your choice - not forced from you for money.

We do this because we love you.


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