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Allison Jean Mayberry which has been wronged and mistreated by people that pay their way out of everything and act like it never happened. They have never had to deal with someone not wanting their money and exposing them for whom and what they are. Now they are dealing with me and my child and my family. That was a bad decision on their part because you can't hurt my child and buy your way out of it by me. So here is my story: My daughter used to spend every other weekend with her grandparents as well as her half-brother. They have never spent time with their father so the grandparents took them on his weekends, which I commend them for spending the time. Although that doesn’t make up for the dad being too sorry to spend time with his children himself. The half-brother is 11 and in the grandparent’s eyes is just like his drunken father and has never done wrong. As all is swept under the rug in this family and covered up. My daughter was put in the same bed as the 11 year old boy at night to sleep. Why grownups would tell a boy and a girl to sleep in the same bed is beyond me, but I believe my daughter and of course they say they didn't put them in the same bed. After several times of the boy touching her at night in the bed my daughter told the grandparents what he was doing. They told her that was not true and that she was never to tell this to her mom it was their secret. Eventually Me and her Dad (actually step father, but Daddy to her) noticed that every time she went over there something was wrong. She would come back from the weekends and scream in the middle of the night and wet the bed. She wouldn't go to the bathroom as I am sure she was ashamed and so unsure of herself. I even had to buy enemas because she would be in pain from not using the bathroom. The night terrors were not like bad dreams she was not able to be comforted and this was scary for me and Chris. We then knew there was a problem. My daughter wouldn't tell us anything detailed because she tried to tell the grandparents before and got in trouble and it was supposed to be a secret. So I had everyone involved come to my house and sit down to talk about it. Of course that did not go over well I must just be crazy!!! Eventually my daughter told me everything she was so embarrassed to tell me that I had to lay my head on her chest and close my eyes for her to tell me. The things that this boy did to my daughter were off the chart for an 11 year old kid to do. I will not go into detail because anyone with a heart and soul would throw up. She tried to act like she was asleep sometimes so he would leave her alone and that didn’t work either. We dealt with Guilford County Sheriff’s dept. and with dss to handle the situation. All said and done after a long drug out investigation and of course their highly priced attorney no charges will be pressed. So my question to any and everybody is where is the justice for my daughter? She has to live with this every day of her life. I worry that she will never be able to have a normal relationship with a man when she is old enough to because of this. It is not fair that they can say my child (the victim) is lying. Why would a child lie about this? How is the justice system fair when they can continue their everyday life, but my family has to live with what happened every single day for the rest of our lives. Now they are going to push for her to spend weekends over there again like nothing happened and I will have to fight because she never wants to be around them again. I shouldn't have to fight to protect my daughter from monsters like this. Not that I don’t want to because I will fight with all I have!!!! If she doesn't want to see them I will be sure that she doesn't have to!! They now want visitation because the district attorney did not prosecute the case for lack of physical evidence. I ask that you watch the forensic interview again and give my 5 year old daughter justice. I am asking that you please open this case back up and prosecute to protect my daughter!!




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