Protect the Precious

Kayla Curl
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SCHOOL OFFICIALS SHOULD HAVE A CONCEAL AND CARRY. IF WE ARE GONNA SPEND OUR TAX DOLLARS FOR THE PRESIDENTS PROTECTION HE BETTER CARE ABOUT PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN..... Schools really need to up their security. I would like locked doors with codes. Any person allowed to pick up a child receives a code as well as staff. Also volunteer security would be nice, there are many retired armed forces and police officers who may want to do this if they had the opportunity. Or any other citizen that can meet guidelines put in place. Tax write off for mileage and time. It is sad we have to worry about sending our children to school but unfortunately this is the case. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO GET MORE SCHOOL SECURITY ENFORCED. BE THE VOICE THAT STANDS UP FOR OUR CHILDREN! DO NOT WAIT UNTIL MORE CHILDREN ARE INJURED OR KILLED BY SCHOOL VIOLENCE.







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