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Protect our Dragon Kiddos Safety

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Recently, as well as over the past years, the safety of our children during the Seitz Elementary pick up/drop off process has been raised as a concern. Multiple parents have communicated their concerns to Seitz Elementary Administration but change has never been made.

The current process requires parents to park in an unmanaged parking lot that cannot accommodate the volume of traffic. Children and Parents are required to walk in between anywhere from 65-150 (at any given time) moving vehicles that are pulling in, backing out, speeding through the congested parking lot to get back and into their vehicles. Because of this disorganized and heavily trafficked flow, our children and families safety is at risk.

The school parking lot has a circle drive that would allow and accommodate a "stop/kiss and drop" process. Recently, one parent developed the attached process complete with instructions and tools to present to Administration. Administration asked the Parent to meet with them about their proposal to answer questions they had about the process. During the meeting Administration acknowledged that there is a problem with the Pick/Up Drop off Process. The parent spent an hour answering questions about how the process would work. After the meeting, the School published the Pick Up/Drop off Process on the School Facebook Page that showed no change from the current unsafe process. Mrs. Jodi Testa, the school Principal, has also indicated through her comments on the Community Facebook Page where the concerns have been raised, that the current process would work if parents would work together, therefor indicating no intention of changing the current process.

Please sign this petition and share with friends to show the Geary County USD 475 and Fort Riley Garrison Command why some sort of change needs to take place!

***Please note, the petition is not specifically for the proposed process to be implemented rather just a change to the current process. Suggestions about how the current process could be changed for the better are welcomed! The proposed process is just one example/proposition of a change.

Proposed Car Rider Pick Up Process

1.Parents picking up students would be given a laminated nameplate to place in their windows during the Pick/Up Process. All students would be picked up in the same place with no grade specific designation.

2.Approximately 10-15 minutes prior to dismissal, 1-2 staff members start walking the line of cars with a clipboard to formulate the order of students for line up. (See attached Line Up Sheet).

3.Staff members would write the Student or Family/Household (for cars picking up more than 1 child) Name in the appropriate slot

4.Just Prior to dismissal, Teachers would send all Car Riders to the Gym for line up. This would require 1-3 staff members to coordinate the line up and supervision until released.

5.Staff Members line the Students up according to the Line Up Sheet in the gym.

6.Staff Members would then send groups of approximately 5 cars per pick up line outside. 2-3 staff members stay outside with the lines to supervise and assist in loading.

7.For the cars that Staff could not reach during the walkthrough to write names on the clipboard, these students would be the last group to go out and would line up as they and staff recognized their parents.

8.Parents would be required to remain in the cars and allow staff members to help load the students to maintain a smooth flow of traffic.

*Parents would be required to update the school by 3:00(or school decided time) if a transportation change was to occur so that office staff would have adequate time to notify the child and instruct them to go to the gym for line up or to be released with the walkers etc.

*Parents that would like to park and personally walk with their children from their Pod Door could still park in the center or back row of parking spots of the parking lot. They would be required to wait until the line has finished before exiting their parking spot.

*If all family of students is not present when parent reaches the pick up stop, they would have to pull out of the line to park and wait for the line to finish.

Car Rider Morning Drop Off

  • Car Drop Off would start at 8:00am. 1-2 Staff Members will be out to supervise the drop off process.
  • Cars will drive all the way forward and stop at the first stop. 5 cars can drop at a time. The next 5 cars will proceed to the stops and drop off.
  • Children can proceed to POD Door or inside for Breakfast etc.

Line Up Sheet Example:

Blue Purple Orange Green Pink

1. 1st Car 1. 2nd Car 1. 3rd Car 1. 4th Car 1. 5th Car

2. 6th Car 2. 7th Car 2. 8th Car 2. 9th Car 2. 10th Car

3. 11th Car 3. 12th Car 3. 13th Car 3. 14th Car 3. 15th Car

4. 16th Car 4. 17th Car 4. 18th Car 4. 19th Car 4. 20th Car

5. 21st Car 5. 22nd Car 5. 23rd Car 5. 24th Car 5. 25th Car

1. 26th Car 1. 27th Car 1. 28th Car 1. 29th Car 1. 30th Car

2. 31st Car 2. 32nd Car 2. 33rd Car 2. 34th Car 2. 35th Car

3. 36th Car 3. 37th Car 3. 38th Car 3. 39th Car 3. 40th Car

4. 41st Car 4. 42nd Car 4. 43rd Car 4. 44th Car 4. 45th Car

5. 46th Car 5. 47th Car 5. 48th Car 5. 49th Car 5. 50th Car

1. 51st Car 1. 52nd Car 1. 53rd Car 1. 54th Car 1. 55th Car

2. 56th Car 2. 57th Car 2. 58th Car 2. 59th Car 2. 60th Car

3. 61st Car 3. 62nd Car 3. 63rd Car 3. 64th Car 3. 65th Car

4. 66th Car 4. 67th Car 4. 68th Car 4. 69th Car 4. 70th Car

5. 71st Car 5. 72nd Car 5. 73rd Car 5. 74th Car 5. 75th Car

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