Time to Protect 'Co-operative' business names

Johnny Denis
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We, the undersigned wish to see no deregulation of company names which reduces the sensitivity of the term 'Co-operative' or 'Co-op' and wish to see 'cydweithredol' - (the Welsh for Co-op) have the same level of sensitivity.

The Co-operative Movement subscribes to values agreed and held by the international Co-operative Alliance which can be found at www.ica.coop.  The UK Government's   Department for Business Innovation and Skills "Red Tape Challenge" is consulting on the editing/removal of the list of 'sensitive names' for registering new businesses. The term 'Co-operative' is one of these 'sensitive' names and if removed from the list, or the list itself removed, would mean that it would become easier for a new business to pass itself off as a Co-operative. 

Co-operatives UK has drafted a response to the consultation which co-ops and co-operative supporters may find useful. 
This petition will be forwarded to catherine.crowsley@bis.gsi.gov.uk as a response to the consultation


Johnny Denis of Johnny Denis and Associates and Manager of The Fuel Co-op.






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