Protect Children and Pedestrians - Install Traffic Calming on Massey Lane

Christopher Stephen
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Massey Lane is a very well-travelled pedestrian gateway to the recently created Slaters Lane bike lanes, the GW Parkway walking and bike paths, and of course Rustico, Buzz, Slaters Gourmet and the other storefronts on Slaters Lane.

Unfortunately, many visitors (and admittedly, many residents) in our neighborhood use Massey Lane more as a drag racing strip than a 25 mph residential street. As your constituents – residents, parents of small children, pet owners, bikers, walkers etc. – we urge the City to immediately install temporary Traffic Calming devices on Massey Lane, and order a study of the current conditions for a permanent solution to the dangerous conditions caused by aggressive, speeding drivers.

We love our neighborhood. On any given day at any given time, neighbors, visitors and friends are outside enjoying the open green space, playing with their children, walking their dogs, and heading to/from the GW Parkway walking and bike paths. But the repeated, overt and continued disregard for the safety of pedestrians by many drivers in our neighborhood has caused a clear and present danger to our neighborhood’s overall welfare.

Calls to the Police reporting such activity have not resulted in any changes, stating they cannot cite aggressive driving they did not witness. Aggressive and careless driving will remain unchecked until the City takes action.

The City cannot wait until a tragedy occurs before taking reasonable measures like installing temporary Traffic Calming devices on Massey Lane, such as speed humps or speed bumps. Additional signage will not help the current situation at all.

The clock is ticking. Install temporary Traffic Calming devices on Massey Lane now!




  • 3 years ago
    Christopher Stephen
    3 years ago