Prophecy HOA/ H&E Management Company Reimburse Home Owners/Residents!

Senia Keels
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During the week of 7/19/13, the Prophecy Home Owners Association arranged a parking space line painting with less than a week notification to the owners/residents. This lack of notification resulted in a large number of owner/resident cars being towed away by the "hook em up" tow Company (located on Old Silver Hill Road in Suitland, MD). Many of us incurred a charge of $175 for that day and those who couldn't pick the cars up on that day incurred overnight fees. Many of us who were not properly notified about this action contacted the H&E Management company and were told that the President of the HOA said that we should not be reimbursed because we most of us just didn't want to wake up to move our cars (this is what the H&E Management receptionist told me over the phone). 

The letter from H&E Management was post marked July 12th.  This means that  7/12 was the date they actually put the letters in the mail.  The letter quotes dates of 7/16, 7/17, and 7/18 for the parking lot line painting.  Mail takes approximately 2-3 days to be delivered, so we were given 1 - 3 days of official notification of this action for the dates listed on the letter.  This is NOT ample time for an action of this nature with such harsh repercussions.  We pay home owners association fees quarterly, we pay property taxes, and mortgages/rents. We deserve ample notification of actions that will result in substantial financial penalties and inconvenience. If you were lucky enough to get the notification of this action, please think about what will happen next year if you go on a vacation and happen to come home and your car has been towed with less than a week of notification. We also deserve to be treated like paying members of the town home community. This type of action and behavior is totally unacceptable. I urge you to sign the petition and JOIN IN A CLASS ACTION SUIT against the Prophecy Home Owners Association/ H&E Management Company. Let us make them respect us as home owners/residents and respect the fact that we don't have money to throw away.  We need to let them know that an action of this nature should be communicated to us owners/residents 30 days in advance and should be adequately posted in the neighborhood prior to the actual dates.




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