Prompt Fiverr To Reduce Overall Fees They Take - Down From 20%

Matthew Carey
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This is a petition to prompt Fiverr into lowering overall fees that they take upon a sale. Currently, takes 20% of every sale - which is one of the largest fees in the industry. In comparison, similar sites like eBay do charge fees - but not to this extent. What makes selling on Fiverr even worse, is that they don't accommodate for PayPal fees that are to follow. Paypal roughly take $0.11 per $4 that is sent. As such, this petition is to prompt Fiverr into reducing their fees from $1 to $0.90 to help cover the PayPal fees that sellers on Fiverr have to pay themselves. The majority of market places now cover PayPal's fees out of common courtesy. As a full-time seller on Fiverr, I consider it my full-time job currently. With the amount of orders I get on a daily basis, I earn more than a full-time job and I treat it as one. However, I'm disappointed to see that $1.11 is gone from every sale immediately ($1 Fiverr, $0.11 PayPal). With Fiverr quickly becoming one of the most popular market places, and with thousands of transactions taking place daily, it's more than reasonable for Fiverr to own up and give sellers more money from their hard work.



  • hammad
    hammad Pakistan, Lahore
    Nov 24, 2015
    Nov 24, 2015
    Yah its really frustrating that even after 20% fiver cut still have to give transaction fee, in my country i only get 75% in my hand of my sales :\


  • 2 years ago
    hammad Pakistan
    2 years ago
  • 5 years ago
    Matthew Carey United Kingdom
    5 years ago