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This is the OFFICIAL petition of the "rest" of the 99%ers! It's official because we aren't 100% sure what we're about yet so it includes EVERYONE. Our organization to be and its objectives are a nebulae of ideas and underlying themes brought to the foreground of public consciousness by recent events. They are coalescing into solid form. As that form develops and is shaped by the people a more recognizable entity will develop. About us: (so far, we think, maybe, we hope people will like/agree/change for the better as we go.) As it pertains to the organization: We are an organization of the people for the people above all else. We understand that there are political actions occurring in many parts of the globe that represent "potential futures" of the US if something is not done to alter the neglect and/or misdirection of our government policies. We understand that we're not *really* the 99%, there are 305(ish) Million people in the USA, we are in the majority of that number but we don't know (or care) by how much, we may be 64%, 73% we may be 98.3% who knows. 99 simply gives a nod to the financial disparity issue which brought attention (largely through OWS with whom we're not affiliated) to the issues we think require attention. We actually have no issues with "the 1% per se" we welcome them to our ranks. It is the broken processes and policies that have allowed us to get to the current social and political state of affairs we take issue with. By instituting our own policies that reflect a series of checks and balances truly "for the people by the people" we hope to hold a mirror up to the current misdirection of our government and show a system/group/dynamic/infrastructure by which positive change for all citizens can be enacted. In doing so we hope to personally address major issues within our country that the government has either incorrectly, refused, or neglected to address to the satisfaction fo "The people". We have no party affiliation - We have no religious affiliation - We have no sexual/racial/religious/political/ bias or obligations other than those shared by all. Any and all financial transactions associated with this organization or any of those holding representative positions within it are 100% open to public scrutiny. Any and all proposed actions and agendas associated with this organization or any of those holding representative positions within it are 100% open to public scrutiny. We try not to use the 3 ring circus "barker mentality" that dominates today's political landscape. We don't equate every disagreement with our ideas as analogous to Orwell, Nazi's, of Fascism. When the government recognizes (in unity with the people) their mistakes, and is willing to work with us, we will absolutely work hand in hand to see things improved. When the government fails to recognize (as shown by the people) their mistakes, and are unwilling to work with us, we will use non-violent measures to re-waken their interest in dialogue. If we have pre-conceptions or notions that are proven false, we will gladly accept admonishment and apologize, learn from it and move on. A basic primer: There are a LOT of issues that need to be addressed with the way our government handles and enacts the policies that govern our society. Rather than spend our effort on making tiny dents ina million issues, we will focus our efforts on 2 issues at a time to get them fixed/solved/stabalized and make sure that when we move on to the next issue, there is a system of checks/balances left behind to ensure the results of the effort we put forth does not entropy. As an organization we will list, prioritize and address these issues. We will strive to do the following: Create forums that take in as many people and are representative of as many people as possible. Try to provide methods by which people who do not have access to the internet can still get/contribute information. The beginning. I built this petition based on the thousands of voices I saw stating over and over again. "OWS raises important issues, issues that I have strong feelings about, but their take/ideas/methods do not represent me at all." It seems there are a lot more people the US who are business savvy, working class, "middle America" types who want these issues addressed, don't trust our government to get the job done, want an alternative option to the endless blame/corruption of the political parties, etc.. "Hey wait a minute, those ideas all sound good, but how do you know you represent anyone?!" Aside from the few hundred people who have actually said so,..I don't. I'm just basing this on: Poll information, forums, news articles etc.. OWS and the protests leading up to OWS, brought attention to some serious issues in this country. A large portion of the US hoped that their views and opinions would be represented by that group and they weren't. Statistically OWS is less than .001% of the population yet they had already decided on a immovable infrastructure and demands "In the name of" the 99% so when people saw this, they were understandably alienated and dis-satisfied with the movement. All the people who don’t want to lose the momentum but don’t agree with the self-proclaimed spokespeople. I can't accurately capture "how many people feel this way" other than by having some kind of petition, so here we go. Based on the "general" ideas above we could like to create a new socio-political organization in the US who's prime mover is "addressing the government's misdirected policies and procedures". So how about this, let's just add another data point. If you agree with anything in the top two sections above (and aren't completely against them) If you don't feel that the government is enacting policy that works in the our best interests. If you feel you're not being fairly represented by your government/party/OWS/media etc.. Sign the petition below, prove out our numbers and we will move on to phase II. Setting up a page that discusses defining structure and goals.

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