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We, the undersigned, support the Minutemen Civil Defense Corp in the Kansas City Area. The Mo-Kan Coalition Against Racism,... is circulating a petition against the MCDC in KC, describing them as a racist vigilante group, comprised of armed neo-Nazi and white supremist organizations (in the Minuteman Project-which is not the group in KC) who threaten our democracy and vilify immigrants. They say that the Minutemen are paramilitary and promote an \"outrageous conspiracy theory\". We know that nothing is further from the truth! This group should get it\'s facts straight before promoting a petition. The author of this letter also wrote: \"There are too many killings by vigilante groups in Arizona now (and they\'re getting away with it) with an average of several killings a week and people just dying out in the desert from the heat as well.\" This is an outright untruth and I would challenge you to prove it. The Minutemen have not shot at anyone, nevermind killed someone. If another group had done this, you can bet it would be all over the news. As for people dying in the desert, that is usually the fault of the cyotes who give them false information. It is a little know fact that the MCDC in Arizona conducts search and rescue missions in the daytime and have recued more than 300 illegals who would have otherwise died of heat stroke. The members of the MCDC are law abiding citizens who have all cleared a security check. If any member in our ranks exhibits racist behavior or language, they are immediately removed from membership. We are patriotic, pro democracy citizens who believe in remaining a sovereign country and maintaining our national laws and customs. We are fed up with the pro-amnesty groups insisting that we are racists. They are taught to believe this because they know Americans like to be \"politically correct\". This anti-illegal immigrant stance has NOTHING to do with racism. It is about being a nation of laws and enforcing those laws! We believe that those who break our laws have no place in our community and are promoting a lawless society. It is about our jobs! After fighting for years to obtain decent wages and better working conditions, it has all become unraveled because American business is hiring those here illegally and reducing wages for all Americans. They are also abusing the illegal workers in a way that would never happen under our Unions and workers laws. If other countries don\'t have fair wages, the citizens of those countries should lobby for worker reforms at home rather than taking our jobs here. It is about Homeland Security! It is about sending a message to our government that they are not keeping us safe if they have no control over our borders and ports and no system to keep track of people who come here on a visa and never leave. It is about financial support and lowering the quality of our health care system! Many U.S. citizens and immigrants (legal) have yet to obtain the \"American Dream\" yet they are forced to pay taxes to support the care of millions who are here quest of that dream We are not anti-immigrant but anti-illegal alien. The pro-amnesty groups are operating from a socialist platform and declaring that we are anti-democracy We are also not a \"far right\" group. Polls taken have shown that citizens against amnesty are politically equally devided among Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. The KC Minutemen are not \"armed\", though we have the right to bear arms to be used in self defense. Some Minutemen in the border states carry sidearms in self defense of the drug runners who carry automatic weapons and stand to lose a lot of money if their shipments don\'t get thru. To be in that desert without protection would be irresponsible. As for the \"outrageous conspiracy theories\" I assume they are referring to our discussions about the North American Union, the NAFTA Super-corridor,SmartPort,and the Reconquista. None of these are \"theories\". They are all founded in truth and are well documented in organizational websites across the country. We are being invaded and our government is not attending to their Constitutional duty to keep us safe. The Minutemen are doing the job our government does not want to do! We will continue our efforts to remove illegal aliens from our country and hold the employers and corporate world accountable for being greedy at the expense of our middle class. We\'ve had enough and we\'re not going to take it anymore!!!!!! We,as citizens,have a right to decide who resides in our country. If you support our mission, please sign this petition to show Kansas City that the Minutemen Civil Defense Corp is not a racist group. We are a patriotic group whose mission is to show our government and our legislators that we are serious about protecting our country, maintaining our democracy and sovereignty, and living by the law and the principles of our constitution. Please send this link to any of your friends who may also be willing to sign our petition. Thanks! A member of the Kansas Area MCDC


PETITION ALERT!! It has been brought to my attention that there is a copy of this petition being circulated that solicits donations. DO NOT DONATE THRU THIS LINK!! It is not part of this petition and was not solicited from the MCDC. THANKS!!!!!! If you would like to learn more about MCDC and the Kansas City area group, please visit our website at:


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