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Waste and Street Cleaning

Dear Residents,

Primrose Gardens is a lovely street but sadly it suffers from waste management and street cleaning issues. The situation will worsen as we moved to just one collection per week (on Wednesdays) for all domestic waste from June 6th.

Thank you to those of you who signed the initial petition. It was nice to see that other residents care about this issue.


Residents are now being asked to store one week's worth of waste and recycling which can represent a considerable volume and may smell. Some residents do not have access to an external bin locker or front garden; where should they store their excess waste? Should there be communal bins in the central area of the square? How can we make sure that people stop dumping unwanted/broken goods on the pavement?
If you have any suggestions on how to solve the various problems our street suffers from or would simply like to be kept up to date with our efforts, please get in touch and post a message. Our local councillors are prepared to work with us but understandably they want to make sure that new initiatives have buy-in from the residents.

The situation can change if we get involved.

Thank you

Caroline - Primrose Gardens Resident




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