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Prevent Sex Trafficking

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Sex trafficking is a crime where men, women and children are forcefully involved in commercial sex acts. Sex trafficking is a modern day slavery act that takes advantage of the vulnerable. Any minor under the age of 18 engaged in sexual acts are automatically victims of sex trafficking under law. There is an estimated 11.4 million victims of sex trafficking since 2007. According to The National Human Trafficking Hotline 55% of the sex trafficking victims are women and half of that are children.

These young men, women and children forced into a stolen life are constantly being raped, torn away from families and turn into sex slaves for the pleasing of others. Don’t let your child end up a victim of sex trafficking. This problem isn’t happening only in other countries but in our own backyards. Orlando, Florida is the 3rd highest sex trafficking state in the United States. Ways of sex trafficking have been getting more and more creative to capture and molest the youth. The “God the Mother” is the latest tatic the sex traffickers have used to abduct people in our community.

Even though we cannot put a end to Sex slavery there are ways in which we can prevent it from happening. In one solution to prevent sex slavery is to educate the public about the situation. We can have an elective on the dilemma to educate young adults on the dangers of sex trafficking. By educating the youth it will hopefully prevent certain situations from happening. By educations our generation and speaking out by calling it what it is people won’t be close minded and ignorant about the topic and thinks that it doesn’t happen. If you’re educated on the topic you will become familiar with the signs of a severe and dangerous act of Sex Trafficking.

Another solution we have come up with would be put into phones automatically. It would be like an emergency number. The way this would work is similar to the way Dialing 9-1-1 in a emergency situation is, You will repeatedly press on the ‘lock’ button on your phone for the option to not only call the police but be put through to a Sex Trafficking Help Hotline. This should be in every phone at the chick of a button. And for those victims who are in sex trafficking and do not have access to a personal phone we should have a FREE payphone in high risk areas. High risk areas would be in higher poverty areas, for example places like pine hills, meadow woods, oak ridge would be an example of places that should have these free payphones to get help for those in need of escaping their captors.

In addition to educating and adding an automatic phone number programed to your phone we need to increase airport security. Many of the sex traffickers use airports and other mainstream ways of travel to leave the state or country for more ‘business’ . If security is even miniculy suspicious of a said person they should act on whim and question the victim//possible victim.

There should be more ways to prevent kidnappings from happening. Increasing cameras in high poverty areas would be a start. Sex Traffickers pick off the vulnerable and lower class rather than the middle and upper class because they feed into the young adults mindset and buy their trust and exploit it. In addition to increasing the amount of cameras we should have a device that is small enough to conceal but loud enough to ward off attackers. The device will be triggered by a pull of a pin and will not stop until the pin is back in place. This will ward off attackers because with the loud noise comes the attention. This device can be a bracelet, necklace or a keychain.

Let’s make a change and stop and prevent Sex Trafficking in our communities.

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