Take Action to Prevent Scamming at Fantage Trade n Sell

Princess MooMoo
Princess MooMoo 13 Comments
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Users playing Fantage are constantly being scammed out of their items through "double trading". Preventing scamming is favorable because not only would us users be happier, it would save Fantage itself a lot of time; its employees wouldn't have to answer the hundreds of complaints daily. It would also be a strategical business move for Fantage, because countless people have already quit Fantage due to being scammed and losing their best items. 

If Fantage doesn't find a solution to this soon, it will lose even more players. Fantage needs to focus more on this major problem than on creating more boring, repetitive events.

I spent half an hour creating this petition and the post on my blog, even though I have never been scammed. If I can do that, then you can certainly spend 10 seconds to sign this petition.


Princess_MooMoo, creator of the blog Fantageville




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