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Pres. Obama We Need You To Barnstorm WI With Mayor Barrett

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Speak Truth to Power: Invitation to Pres. Obama to Barnstorm WI Before June 5th Recall Election Dear President Obama: SOS From WI: We Need You To Barnstorm WI With Mayor Barrett You are needed in WI to help the revolution our forefathers and mothers started with bullets in 1775. In WI we will have our revolution with ballots not bullets on Tuesday, June 5th when we recall Gov. Scott Walker. You presence is needed in WI prior to June 5th to help us win the revolution. If we do not win on June 5th, your chances of winning in November are toast. We have been fighting day after day for the last 1.5 years and we are tired, weary and many are depressed. The battle for the soul of American is taking place in WI. Will the multinational corporations and their stooges maintain control of WI and pass one regressive law after another or will we throw the bums out. The race is close, the time is short and the odds are we will lose due to the difficulty of recalls. Here is what we need to win: We need one day of your time and one day of Mrs. Obama's time. We need for you and Mayor Barrett to barnstorm across the Northwoods in WI and talk in high schools about the importance of quality public schools in small communities and how Gov. Walker has been financially strangling public schools. Point two: We need you to talk about how tourism in the Northwoods can be promoted only by protecting natural resources not by ruining them. We need Mrs. Obama and Mahlon Mitchell to barnstorm the three or four cities in WI (Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Beloit, etc.) with high poverty and high percentages of Black and Chicano students). We need them to talk about how poverty stricken communities must have excellent public schools and how ADDITIONAL state funding is need - NOT less funding. You do this - We will win the revolution and progressive America will breathe a sigh of relief. If we lose on June 5th, your hopes of victory in November in WI are toast. We hope you heed our call for help. Thank you!

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