President Obama pardon Jacob out of the Tecumseh Local School District, Please

Amy Smith
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Were asking for your signatures to present to Honorable President Obama who holds precedent pardon power. Honorable President Obama has been notified in three separate complaints of what student, Jacob has had to endure because of No Child Left Behind at the Tecumseh Local School District. Jacob was court order at the district after a truancy trial was overshadowed by No Child Left Behind. This is where No Child Left Behind violated our civil and constitutional rights while ignoring the policies of No Child Left Behind while making up their own. Jacob was attending ECOT, and was going to receive tutors, and in Nov. of 2010, Jacob was placed in ECOT. The Tecumseh Local School District sent a representative in the court during a disposititonial review in January where it was addressed that Jacob was doing well at the district, and they were disappointed to see him go. Jacob was making straight F's whith one D-. Jacob was court ordered back there the following month. The court case has been closed for years and we no longer live in the district, but this court order still remains, an we want a presidential pardon that would allow Jacob to attend ECOT. Jacob had been assaulted at school, and the school didn't notify us of this incident. Jacob had just had oral surgery, and after the nurse checked Jacob out, she left to attend a senior luncheon even though Jacob stated that he tasted blood. The district has kept Jacob's records under a false name. Just recently we discovered consent has been forged and documents were falsified by teachers. We believe no family should have to endure the harassment we face yearly, and by signing you help end a harassment no family should have to endure.



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