President Obama and Congress Stop Fracking NOW

Heidi Brenke, RN
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Fracking has become epidemic in proportion with approximately 12,000 new wells being drilled each year. This process of extraction for natural gas and oil is  destroying the earth's environments including her water, air, wildlife, farmlands, ecosystems, native plant life, watersheds, conservation efforts, and human health. We must stop this practice of introducing more poisons into the earth that leach into our ecosystems and invade all life with known carcinogens and neurotoxins. This is no longer an issue of lessening our use of foreign oil and resources, this is a function of giant corporations, and governments interested only in pelting and juicing the earth in the name of power and money with no regard for anything but profit. President Obama, you and other leaders must certainly see  that these catastrophic actions to produce dirty energy be can no longer by cloaked in destructive propaganda. Clearly you must realize that there is no economy without deep sustainable ecology. The science of fracking and the sobering statistics revealing severe detrimental outcomes is not based in fiction. No more political excuses, no more spin, no more denial, and no more waiting for the next person to take up the cause. Lead by example Sir, and keep your promises as an activist and world leader to serve the public and the environment by providing research and funding for the safety of our country including sustainable practices utilizing only earth-friendly energy alternatives. Americans are petitioning that you must halt all fracking practices including drilling, extraction, use of toxic chemicals, and excavation attempts across America today.  




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