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Request that the President Resign

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This undersigned supporters of this petition hereby call Barack Hussein Obama, the President of the United States, to resign his office for lying and deceit and for not upholding the oath of the Office of the President of the United States of America, which he took, stating, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The President has failed to uphold Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution:
“He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper; he shall receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers; he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States.”

Article 2, Section 3 states that the President “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”. Through his repeated deceit and lying to the American people, the President has misled the public and therefore failed in “faithfully executing” laws which have been pushed upon the American citizenry through deceit, lies and misinformation.

Multiple instances exist of the President and his staff stating, as relates to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, that citizens “will be able to keep their doctor and insurance.” To wit, the President stated at an AARP event, “Here’s the guarantee that I make. If you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance. If you have a doctor that you like, you will be able to keep that doctor.”

Linda Douglass, Communications Director, White House Office of Healthcare Reform, reiterates the President’s message that citizens will be able to keep their existing policies and doctors. As a spokesperson for the White House, Ms. Douglass’ speech most likely was vetted by members of the White House staff and the President would have been made aware of the speech and video. The fact that the presentation uses video of the President reiterating the lie that people can keep their insurance and doctors cannot be denied as further proof that the President and his administration have blatantly lied to the American people.

On October 26, 2013 in the President’s Weekly Address and available for viewing on, he stated “The marketplace is the place you can apply and shop for affordable new health insurance choices…and that choice in competition can actually help to bring prices down.” This is itself an untruth as the majority of people with private insurance have seen significant increases in their healthcare costs when policy premiums, out of pocket expenses and deductibles are taken into account.”

“This law means that women can finally buy coverage that doesn’t charge them higher premiums as men for the same care.” In fact, men will see an increase in policy premiums because their new policies will require them to have maternity coverage.

“And everyone who already has insurance will keep the benefits and protections this law has already put into place.” This has repeatedly been proven to be a lie.

On October 29, 2013, NBC News reported that the White House, and thus the President, knew that millions of American citizens would lose their health insurance. And yet, the President has repeatedly stated, over and over, that people will be able to keep their health insurance.

As of this date, over 2 million American citizens have been notified they would lose their health insurance because of cancellations of policies. An estimated 14 million Americans are at high risk to lose their existing coverage.

The White House now appears that they are seriously attempting to argue that the cancellations, many of which are compelled by ObamaCare’s new rules on “essential benefits” and disqualified grandfathered plans, are something that insurers are doing somewhat voluntarily, not because the Affordable Care Act’s legal framework is driving them to do so. At today’s (10/29/2013) House hearing, Sandy Levin described the cancellation notices people are receiving as mere “transitions” onto the new health-insurance exchange and White House consigliore Valerie Jarrett tweeted via Twitter on October 28, 2013, “Fact: Nothing in #Obamacare forces people out of their health plans. No change is required unless insurance companies change existing plans.” This is another lie.

The White House has repeatedly stated that people with pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied health insurance. The White House website states, “Coverage for Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions: Before the law, many Americans with pre-existing conditions were locked or priced out of the health insurance market. More than 50,000 Americans with pre-existing conditions have gained coverage through the new Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. This temporary program makes health coverage available and more affordable for individuals who are uninsured and have been denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition. In 2014, insurance discriminating against anyone with a pre-existing condition will be illegal.” Careful reading of the aforementioned reveals that this is a “Temporary program” which could therefore be revoked in the future. Thus, while not a 100% lie, it is deemed disingenuous to state that people with pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied coverage when this is in fact a temporary situation.

The President and his administration have repeatedly stated that “half of young adults, age of 18 to 34, who are single and uninsured can get health coverage for under $50/month” and the official White House blog even presents a big graphic touting this information.

However, according to the Health and Human Services website,,
Premiums before tax credits for young adults will average $163 to $203. The weighted average lowest monthly premiums for a 27-year-old in 36 states will be (before tax credits): $129 for a catastrophic plan, $163 for a bronze plan, and $203 for a silver plan. More than half of the uninsured potentially eligible for the Marketplaces live in a state where a 27-year-old can purchase a bronze plan for less than $165 per month before tax credits.

Even after tax credits, it is difficult to see where the “under $50/month” price comes into play. According to the HHS website, “Tax credits will make premiums even more affordable for individuals and families. For example, in Texas, an average 27-year-old with income of $25,000 could pay $145 per month for the second lowest cost silver plan, $133 for the lowest cost silver plan, and $83 for the lowest cost bronze plan after tax credits.

According to the research report, “Premium Increases for “Young Invincibles” Under the ACA and the Impending Premium Spiral” by Sam Cappellanti, (October 2, 2013) states, “In fact, on average, a healthy 30 year old male nonsmoker will see his lowest cost insurance option increase 260 percent.

The President has also failed to uphold the Fourth Amendment:
“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

On June 7, 2013, The President stated, "Nobody is listening to your telephone calls." In this address, he also stated that came into office to uphold the Constitution. He then goes on to explain that the the programs look at the “metadata” of calls.

As recent media reports have made clear, the Federal Government, through its agencies, has been collecting personal data on millions of Americans thereby infringing on the rights of American citizens under the Fourth Amendment.

The NSA’s previously undisclosed program called Prism, which allows officials to collect material including search history, the content of emails, file transfers and live chats, pulled data collection directly from the servers of major US Internet service providers including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, PalTalk, YouTube, Skype, Microsoft and Apple.

The Prism program facilitates extensive, in-depth surveillance on live communications and stored information. The law allows for the targeting of any customers of participating firms who live outside the US, or those Americans whose communications include people outside the US. It also opens the possibility of communications made entirely within the US being collected without warrants.

Every day, collection systems at the NSA intercept and store 1.7 billion e-mails, phone calls and other types of communications.

Americans trusted President Obama when he came to office promising the most transparent administration in history. However, the revelation of the NSA program to collect phone records of millions of Verizon customers is an astounding assault on the Constitution.

The President has lied to the American public and broken his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and should resign from office immediately upon the receipt of this petition signed by 10,000,000 American citizens.


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