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This petition is for removing and/or changing onerous and unfair leasing restrictions that were imposed in 2018 upon community members who own a home at Preserve at Mayfield Ranch (PMR), and has caused a great amount of suffering and financial loss for its rightful homeowners.

It proposes that the revised leasing policy in effect from October 10th, 2018 should be completely abolished. This policy does not benefit a large proportion of homeowners in our community and was enforced unilaterally by the previous board in-spite of opposition from many homeowners present in the meeting who requested to discuss the policy before implementing.

Background and Impact

  • Leasing permits were issued to homeowners who had their properties leased at time of the new leasing restrictions
  • A Leasing permit quota was established much below leasing permits issued so no new lease permits can be provided to other homeowners until there is dramatic decrease in leased units
  • If any homeowner without a leasing permit must move to different area or city for any reason, they won’t be able to lease their house and the process to get an exception approval is cumbersome, lacks transparency and no waiting lists maintained or published
  • This created an unfair environment to homeowners as the leasing laws were not present when the owners bought their house from builder
  • Homeowners should not be left at HOA mercy to decide if they can lease their own house or be forced to sell their home
  • Property prices in the PMR community are greatly suppressed compared to the nearby Mayfield area due to restrictive leasing policies.
  • Homeowners who have leased out their property live in a constant fear that if property stays vacant for 120 days, they will lose leasing permit, and incur heavy financial loss being unable to re-lease - putting unreasonable burden.
  • As such no one benefits from these unfair leasing restrictions – neither the owners who have leased out properties nor the ones who may end up wanting to lease their properties
  • Most HOAs have a fair leasing framework that calls for tenant background checks as well as adherence to rules which everyone will support
  • However, imposing an unfair leasing policies borders on violating right of each homeowner’s freedom to make a choice that works best for them

We the rightful homeowners and community members of the HOA sign this petition calling upon the current HOA board to review the petition and vote to abolish the unfair leasing restrictions with immediate effect. This is a Call for Action for the board and signed by the majority of homeowners in Preserve at Mayfield Ranch community.

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