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Delivering A Diagnosis to New andExpecting Parents

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The Prenatally Diagnosed Condition Act is a bill co-written with the National Down Syndrome Society and introduced to Congress by Senators Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Sam Brownback (R-KS) in 2005. Details of the bill are available at this link: In summary, this bill states that a health care provider would provide up-to-date, scientific, written information concerning the life expectancy, clinical course, and intellectual and functional development and treatment options for a fetus diagnosed with or child born with Down syndrome or other prenatally diagnosed conditions and also provide referral to supportive services providers, including information hot lines specific to Down syndrome or other prenatally diagnosed conditions, resource centers or clearinghouses, and other education and support programs as further described. By Signing this Petition you are in full support of getting this bill passed. This vital information would be provided to expecting parents at the time their health care provider delivered the prenatal diagnosis. A defining purpose of this bill would be to change the way in which doctors and genetic counselors have traditionally delivered a prenatal diagnosis. Currently, in spite of the efforts of many Down syndrome support groups to provide new, updated, encouraging pamphlets, brochures and information to OB/GYN and Perinatologist\'s offices, rarely do any of these resource materials actually reach the expecting parent. You can watch my Video Explanation Here: This bill has yet to be enacted upon and remains stalled in Congress. It has been long enough! The petition presented here, with enough signatures, can help persuade Congress to pass this bill. Together, by signing this petition, we can help bring about this needed change. When thousands of women were asked what kind of support information they had received at the time of their prenatal diagnosis, over 90% stated \"None!\" Overwhelmingly, doctors are either subtly or overtly, strongly suggesting termination of a pregnancy if the prenatal diagnosis is considered \"serious\" in the doctor\'s own opinion. Many doctors do not act responsibly when giving expectant parents a prenatal diagnosis knowing that this is one of the most vulnerable times in the parent\'s lives. Doctors are currently allowed to do and say as they please with no accountability or repercussions. When doctors knowingly ignore and/or do not make available all up-to-date information, options and choices to expectant parents and instead offer only their own opinions, it becomes reckless behavior by the doctor. This is not responsible medicine and it absolutely needs to be changed. There is an urgent need for an outlined standard of procedure to be put into place that all concerned medical personnel adhere to when delivering a prenatal diagnosis to expectant parents. Additionally, there needs to be accountability when it comes to terminating life. We should all be concerned about this issue because it affects all of us as human beings. With prenatal testing becoming more and more accurate, imagine what the future could hold for us The medical community cannot create the \"perfect\" baby even though it seems they are currently trying to do so. We all know perfection is defined individually and should not be allowed to be dictated by one particular group of people over another. Let\'s try and get this bill signed and passed. Senator Brownback is running for President of the United States and this is an issue he and many other\'s in Congress feel passionately about. There is nothing like power in numbers. All of us, regardless of whether or not you have a child with a diagnosis, should really care about this issue. There are couples, right now, sitting in doctor\'s offices all over the country, scared about what the future holds for their unborn baby. Statistics say that they will most likely terminate given the worst case scenarios that they will receive, never knowing that there is a whole world of support and resources out there. Let\'s help them! We can lower the 90% abortion rate for those prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome. We can make this change by providing current, up-to-date information and education. This is not a Pro-Choice or Pro-Life issue. Rather, this is an issue about responsible education and providing accurate, updated support and information. You can also make an enormous difference by personally calling your state\'s senator\'s office and telling them you want the Parentally Diagnosed Condition Act passed. Here\'s the link where you can find your state senator\'s contact information: Thank you for taking the time to read and sign this petition! Please be sure to share your personal story in the comments section because all of our stories are very impactful. Also, please pass this petition on to everyone you know as every signature counts! Please Come Visit Me At: OR at: http:// Or at: You are also welcome to e-mail me at:


Hello, I\'m Noelle and a Mom to 2 children. My 2-1/2 year old boy has Down Syndrome. Jaden was diagnosed after he was born, and we were just as shocked to learn about him having Down Syndrome as the Doctors. However, we quickly realized that the Doctors had nothing to offer us in the way of support or updated information. We immediately wondered why the Nurses and Doctors were so sad for us All they kept saying was \"I\'m so sorry.\" But We weren\'t sorry! We had a beautiful, healthy baby! Luckily for us, that was the last place we ever felt such a lack of support. I only wish I had known then, what I know now! Those first negative expereinces in the Hospital, proved to be the last! Little did we know then, that the World would LOVE Jaden! Not only did our whole family instantly love and cherish Jaden, but so did all of our friends. We weren\'t met with a bit of Prejudice or sympathy! Then Why is it that the Medical Community, OBGYN\'s and Perinatologist\'s in particular, Still don\'t know how to handle giving a Diagnosis And why don\'t they offer immediate support and encouragement I have made it my mission to forever change the way parents receive a diagnosis given by their OBGYN\', Parinatologists and Genetic Counselors. I believe all parents should have immediate access to updated, factual information, resources, support groups, phone numbers, and websites pertaining to the diagnosis their baby has received! The medical community needs to change their perception of who deserves to live and who doesn\'t. They need to be accountable for what they say and do regarding Unborn babies. This is about human life, potential and faith! Please forward the name(s) of your prenatal & postnatal doctors, your city and state to add them to two new lists I have started. One list is for Doctor\'s you would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND because they offered all available support information and resources. The other list is for Doctors who OFFERED NO SUPPORT or Information. You are welcome to include hospitals and Geneticists also. Please be sure to include WHERE you are located. These lists will be posted on my 2 blogs. I am going to use these 2 lists along with this petition and my video blog to shine even more light on this issue! Also, Please pass this petition on to everyone you know, every signature counts! We are going to make a difference, you\'ll see!

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