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Pray for the Churches of Nice

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Nice, stretching along the Mediterranean Sea, known as the French Riveria, has been haven to vacation goers for many decades. The young, the old, the rich and poor, from all over the world come here each year to enjoy the wonderful clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, the happy-go-lucky air of tourists, shops, restaurants, yachts, boats. All leave their worries back home to enjoy life in the moment at Nice.

On July 14, 2016, with tens of thousands of locals and tourists gathered for a huge festival and fireworks, celebrating France’s Bastille Day, an Islamic terrorist plowed through the crowd killing 84 and injuring 303.

Not since WW2, has this area experienced such tragedy. It is with this purpose, this urgency, that we gather worldwide and pray for this city's churches, their pastors, ministries and their leaders, and for a great revival to emerge in the midst of great trauma and sorrow. Our prayers will affect much to bring healing and comfort, to see redemption and restoration.

Let this violence only move the French closer to Jesus Christ.

Prayer Points

We don't pretend to understand the devastation for those living in Nice nor the way this touches our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. So, in all humility, let’s us seek the Lord for His Wisdom as we pray for Nice, the churches, and believers living in the area.

  • Timely Prayer Request: Billy Graham’s Response Team has sent a team to train churches in ministering to the great loss and trauma due to the attack in Nice on July 14. Training sessions so far are being held Tuesday, July 19 and Thursday July 21 at two different church locations. Please pray that they are well attended as churches gather in unity to learn how to serve those in their community in Nice. And, that all goes well, and this will be beginning of churches drawing together in unity to serve their city as one in the Love of Jesus.
  • Pray that the pastors hear clearly the Word of the Lord in what to say, how to say, how to bring comfort, how to reach out to those traumatized and to those who lost loved ones. That love first and foremost would abound from their lips and their actions.
  • Pray that the believers in all the churches unite under the Love of Jesus, under their common passion to make Him known to others, that all divisions, all divisiveness and petty doctrinal differences are broken off His Bride through this. So that the community will see only their common love for one another and for the world around them…that they will be drawn by the Love of Jesus through the actions of the churches and believers.
  • Pray that the pastors do not resume church as usual following this tragedy – but that the Holy Spirit would empower them and pour out His divine ways to break into the lives of the hurting, the distraught, those who lost hope, those mourning. Pray that the churches walk so much in tune with His beat that they will knowingly and unknowingly be walking into the good works that He has already prepared in advance for them to walk in at this urgent time and season in the lives of those around. That, spiritually, their march would be as one. And, that God’s love and grace would adorn their necks, that they would become the church, alive with Him. Being Light carriers, Hope carriers, and Comfort carriers.
  • Pray that a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit cover this entire city, the beaches, the shops, the store owners, the locals so that a harvest – not of perfume, lavender, of wines – so that a harvest of many who are searching for answers will be gathered. And, the church – through church plants, home groups, house churches, houses of prayer – would be expanded
  • Pray that the church rise up, full of the Holy Spirit, in love and power, graced with His Presence and favor, and, not shrink back in fear, but that the church wakens up and be that Light they are called to be. That complacency be demolished and the church thrust out to bring what only Christ can bring at such a time as this.

Here’s a list of all the evangelical churches in Nice for all of us to pray for. Some have websites, others do not. Where website is present, it will be given. We apologize for any that have been left out.


Eglise Biblique Baptiste de Nice: www.ebbn.org ; www.facebook.com/ebbn
Pastor Alain et Renée Maurino

Church began over 20 years ago, and, is situated in the heart of Nice.

They offer full services: Sunday service, woman’s coffee time, men’s group, youth group, and children services. The Word and the message of salvation are foundational to all they do.

Eglise Evangelique Baptiste - http://www.eglise-baptiste-nice.fr
Pastors: Sam Jubrant; Boel Jubrant

Church began in Nice in 1982 years ago, and, the church is thankful for their rich history; they have persevered, unwavering in their faith and in their mission to disciple others to Christ. Going on their website, you can download (it’s in French) a booklet of its first 25 years written and published in 1917.

Eglise Victoire Parole de Vie - www.facebook.com/victoireparoledevie
Pastor: Kam-Luv Girbos

Mission: to live simply in Christ, to witness His excellent love throughout the world

Fleuves d’Eau Vivre (Foursquare) http://www.fev.06.fr; www.facebook.com/fev06
Pastors: Christian and Valerie Lemeunier

Began in 1996 as a house church, and, in time, in a new building, and was the first evangelical church ever planted in the Vallon des Fleur Quartier in Nice. A place of healing, love, restoration, and freedom, with 3 home groups, they are host for one of the Response Team training sessions with the ministry of Billy Graham.

International Baptist Church – www.ibcfrance.org
Pastor and wife, 5 children: James and Jen Arnold

Begun 1995, IBC serves the English speaking international population in the Nice area. In 1997, a sister church was planted in St. Paul de Vence. The church averages 50-60 weekly, with visitors from around the world.

Eglise Evangélique
Pastor: Marcellin Tanain

Action Biblique Nice
Elders: Maxime Couroux, Joel Dunan

Armée du Salut
Capitaines: Florence Bruno; Rodrigue and Alida Judhith Mounguengui

Assemblée de Dieu Viens et Vois
Pastors: Frédéric Lenormand; Claude Lust

Centre Evangelique
Pastors: Frédéric Lenormand; Laurent Corte

Eglise Apostalique
Nicolas Ternisien

Other known churches in Nice:

Eglise Calvary Chapel – Nice

Eglise La Bonne Nouvelle – Nice

Vineyard House Church – Nice - Pastors Alan and Sandra Gage

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