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U.S. Smokers

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The trends in smoking have made a great increase in today's society. Smoking is ones choice with the knowledge of the side effects on health. Recently with the advertisements of the damages of smoking and the new bans that the society is trying to enforce, it is just getting way out of hand. With higher taxation on it, people are just spending more money or commuting to other areas where the price is lower and buying higher quantities. People that smoke are going to find a way or a place where they can get or engage in smoking regardless of what society is doing or trying to enforce. There are more serious things going on in this world and if this really is such a big issue/problem then they should make it more easier and affordable to obtain products that aide in quitting smoking. By signing this petition you agree that this should not be a focal point in today's world. They are slowly taking away free will of people as far as smoking goes.





  • 6 years ago
    gyezia Norway
    6 years ago
  • 7 years ago
    briana smith United States
    7 years ago
  • 7 years ago
    William David Munnell United States
    7 years ago

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