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Petition for High Speed Internet in Rural Union County Florida

7 Signatures Goal: 100

We, the residents of Rural Union County Florida, would like Clay Electric Cooperative to install High Speed Internet over Power Lines in our area.

Finally, there is an exciting technology that makes it possible to get high speed internet access in rural communities like ours!  This technology has been a proven solution in other markets like Indiana, Virginia and Alabama.

When asked when AT&T would have DSL available in Providence, FL, the response was "not in our lifetime."  Comcast Cable has no plans to come to this area.  This is the ONLY cost effective way to receive broadband internet service which is becoming more and more necessary. Satellite broadband is impractical and expensive.  Vital Windows and Mac operating system updates with large file sizes as well as anti-virus and anti-spy ware program updates just simply can't be downloaded without high speed internet. Emailing photos and large documents is near impossible.  This is technology that would greatly benefit our community and local businesses too!

Please sign this petition so that Clay Electric Cooperative can see how much interest there is in making this technology available to our community! We presented them with this information already and it is our hope that they finally start moving in the right direction.  For information on one such company that works with the electric cooperative to provide high speed internet over power lines, please visit

This petition is NOT sponsored by International Broadband Electric Communications or any other company.  It is a grass roots resident sponsored petition only with ALL our interests in mind!

Thank you and may our voices finally be heard!

Please feel free to visit the blog link at the top of this page for the latest news and info on our progress.

For your security, your email address and phone number will NOT be visible on the internet when you sign!


John Hatcher





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    wayne carroll
    2 years ago
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    Charles and Debra United States
    7 years ago
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    Kyra Mcglew United States
    7 years ago
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    Gregory C. Gardetto United States
    7 years ago
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    Debra Chamberlain United States
    7 years ago
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    joel United States
    7 years ago
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    Samuel R. Townsend United States
    7 years ago

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