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Power Ledger Presale Pricing structure

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Power Ledger early investors are getting the short straw.

Power Ledger had a wildly successful Presale event for their ICO.

The price for the tokens at presale was $0.088 with a 5% token bonus

Unfortunately the same can't be said about the main sale. It has not had the same traction and as a result the main sale is currently priced at $0.0357/token

(5m USD Raised so far / 140,000,000 tokens)

Using the $0.0357 as an estimate base price (Updated Monday 25th Sept @ 20:00 AEST) we can see the price per week at the current rate

Presale: $0.088 + 5% = ~$0.0836/token

Week 1: $0.0357 + 25% = ~$0.0267/token

Week 2: $0.0357 + 15% = ~$0.0303/token

Week 3: $0.0357 + 5% = ~$0.0339/token

Please also note that Power Ledger is past the halfway mark of their ICO and if they were to double their current Main Sale investments (rounding up to the nearest million) they would have 10m. This leave the base Main Sale price @ $0.0714/token. Still ahead of the presale investor at the base rate.

As you can see, from the current rates the presale investors are getting the raw end of the deal.

Power Ledger should be rewarding the early investors and not gauging them. Sure it's an unfortunate circumstance that they didn't foresee but it needs to be addressed regardless.

When we try to raise our concerns we are shut down by the mods of Telegram/Slack/ Facebook. We need our concerns formally addressed by the appropriate person.

I lost a lot of faith for Power Ledger with the way the presale has been handled.

There needs to be a restructuring or redistribution to reward the early investors as currently the early investors are paying much more per token which is absurd.

Please sign the petition so we can get the attention of the appropriate person within Power Ledger.

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