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Give Jason & Elizabeth their chance at greatness

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To the Decision-makers at General Hospital, Even though we, as Jason and Elizabeth fans are pleased and extremely happy, that after eight years, General Hospital has finally decided to tell their love story, we are quite disappointed at the minuscule amount of screen time and the lack of passionate encounters written for Jason and Elizabeth as a couple. We are disappointed at the pace at which their story is being told and very, very disappointed in the lack of imagination, creativity, time and attention to detail being given to the writing, directing and editing of their scenes, their love scenes in particular. We protest the fact that through unimaginative writing and sloppy editing, that Liz and Jason, (a couple with amazing chemistry, charisma and history) are being portrayed onscreen as passionless and boring, which is a travesty. With the scenes between Jason and Liz which were broadcast Dec. 19, 2007, being the prime example. The scenes started out amazing and hot but because of sloppy editing, ended up not expressing the explosive chemistry that Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst share as actors. We, as fans of General Hospital as well as fans of Steve and Becky, care deeply how they are portrayed, and we feel their amazing chemistry should be utilized to its fullest extent, and not neglected at a time when GH is sinking in the ratings. We hope to influence you to give Steve and Rebecca the showcase their talent and dedication to their craft deserves as well as the chance to become a legendary couple. We, as fans of Steve and Becky, feel they have earned their chance to shine through their relentless dedication to their craft and their dedication to General Hospital, since both have at least 10 years each on the show, some of those years achieving Emmy nominations and wins. They certainly deserve the best your creative team can give them. We are very aware of the fact that their storyline can only be as exciting and unique as you write, direct and edit it to be. Our goal is to convince you, that are in control of the producing, writing, directing and editing at General Hospital, to give Steve and Becky a fighting chance to prove that Jason and Liz are a history making couple with the potential to be legendary, if given the chance. Which means increasing the amount of time they are onscreen as a couple, as well as the writers and scene editors taking a more imaginative and creative approach to the showcasing of their amazing talent and chemistry. We have crafted this petition to bring to your attention and make you aware of the multitude of loyal General Hospital viewers who share the same goals, desires and demands for Jason and Elizabeth, which are as follows: 1. We want to see an increase in the quantity of the screen time with Jason and Liz as lovers and also bonding as a family with Cameron and Jake. Screen time for Jason and Liz as a couple has at times, been less than ten minutes total over weeks while other less exciting couples and storylines are allowed large chunks of time onscreen. 2. More attention to detail in the crafting of their love scenes in the writing department, as well as the direction of their scenes and the editing of their scenes. Secret affairs are supposed to be hot and steamy with a minimum amount of chitchat, simply because of the fact that they don\'t know when they are going see each other again. 3. We are requesting that more creativity and uniqueness be used in unison with the writing and editing of their love scenes to show eroticism, sensuality and passion to showcase the explosive chemistry that Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst share as actors. Even though we love to see Steve shirtless, that is not a factor in how hot, steamy and unique a scene between Jason and Liz can be. 4. We are requesting that more time also be given onscreen to Jason and Liz\'s parenting and bonding with their boys. We are asking that creativity and uniqueness be used in their bonding as a family. It is of the utmost importance to us as fans of Jason and Elizabeth (Liason), that they also be portrayed as family as well as lovers. It was extremely disappointing that Liz and Jason were denied family time at Christmas. Jason could be allowed bonding time with Jake in secret as well as secret time with Liz. We state again, that it is hugely important to us how our couple is written and portrayed as lovers and parents. The higher ratings for GH during their \"I Love You\" scenes on 8/20 and 8/21 2007 and paternity reveal scenes on 11/12/07 show how many viewers are watching Liz and Jason. It is a fact that they are the most talked about couple on message boards across the country. We, as loyal viewers of GH, feel we have the right to demand excellence from the writers, directors and editing staff as a team, in the hopes that you will give the attention, time, creativity and fresh ideas that Steve and Becky need and deserve to be able to take Jason and Elizabeth to the top, to be the Super Couple we know they are and the legendary couple we know they can be. Thank you.


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