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Boycott Postal 2.

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The PC \"game\" called \"Postal 2\" (by developer Running With Scissors) is the most morally reprehensible work of obscenity to be foisted on the public in years. This \"product\" is brutal and UNIVERSALLY OFFENSIVE. It goes out of it\'s way to offend everyone, and the authors hide behind the flimsiest and most pitiful collection of moral equivalencies in order to justify their obvious love for brutality, blatant disregard for humanity, and anything that could be considered moral. If you are not familiar with Postal 2 (or it\'s predecessor \"Postal\") the \"game\" pits your character against the world, in a Columbine-style killing spree, replete with blood-spattering mayhem, realistic sounds of victims begging for their lives, execution-style killings (where you put them out of their misery), and much, much more! Need I go on Reportedly, the manner in which you \"exit the game\" in Postal 2 is to turn the gun on yourself. The developers sadly claim that because you can \"choose a non-violent option\" in this game, that somehow this sort of depravity is \"only as offensive as you make it.\" Perhaps this title would have been better-off marketed in Hussein\'s Iraq, or Hitler\'s germany ... oh, wait - those nightmarish regimes don\'t exist anymore, do they I am sure that I (and any others of like mind) will be branded as \"repressed,\" \"puritan,\" \"fascist,\" and who knows what else. The fact is I am an avid PC gamer, and have no problem with games depicting some violent elements. One could argue that there may be a \"grey area\" or a \"line\" between what is acceptable and what is not. Perhaps so, but there is NO QUESTION in any sane person\'s mind that \"Postal 2\" is WAY OVER THE LINE. PLEASE sign this petition, indicating your refusal to support this game and it\'s developer, as well as your request that retailers refuse to carry it. Please also encourage others to AVOID this game, as well as ANY RETAILERS who choose to sell it. Eric Walusis Dayton, OH


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