Change Por Vida to the way it used it be.

Belanna Trevino
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The 2012-2013 at Por Vida Academy has brought us confusement and anger to the student body. Last year, we good wholesome quality teaching from our wonderful teachers. Now, we are expected to "learn" from this corrupt EdOptions program. Our teachers now expect us to complete every single lesson without hardly any input from them. Also this "wonderful" idea of school uniforms is just beyond worst. Years before we were able to express our indivisualality with the confinment of uniforms. Almost anything that we wear that is "different", we are told to remove it. This is fascist. Every morning when I wake up, I dread going to school which I know see as a prison. I beg my mother to remove me from this school, but she insists that this is the best school for me. I have also talked with the vice principal AND principal about going back to regular schedules for every student. But instead they give regular classes to this STAAR students, which the EXACT opposite of what I asked. They probably failed to analyze what I asked.




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