L.A. County Register Election - Poll Worker Petition

Peter Michel
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to all---a most disturbing incident has taken place and brought to my attention within the last two days----- and I ask you to notify any and all, as this state is spending more and more $$$ it doesn't have on items that have no value-----------as most of you know, I serve at the election polling facilities and have for the past 5 or 6 years-----------I serve with another woman, who is very articulate, smart and an active member of the community who has served for the past 30 + years--------this election, on 11-8-11 has deleted her name and replaced her with a multi-lingual clerk-----------IT IS NOW MANDATED THAT ALL POLLING PLACES PROVIDE LATINO-SPEAKING CLERKS------even though my community has a minimal latino community in residence-------we do have an asian community, but that language/service is not required. I might also add that the woman who served many years and was deleted , is bilingual, but was never asked--------- What is confusing to me, is that the State of California provides ballots in 8 languages-----------NOW---we must provide a bi-linguist too------------------NO WONDER WE DON'T HAVE ANY $$$$$$ TO PROVIDE THE NECESSARY SERVICES------------------------------- PASS THIS ALONG---EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW WHATS GOING ON---------------even if we can't do anything about it now--------------remember these items at election time--lets find out who's doing this and make them accountable-------------------------------------------------------