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Police Racial Profiling, Demograhic Profiling, and Job Discrimination in Collin County

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We, the citizens of the city of McKinney are taking ACTION against Collin County Police Departments, especially McKinney. It's TIME the public gets to STOP bad police departments from racial profiling, demographic profiling and employment discrimination before it's too LATE. If this falls on deaf ears we will be forced to take a class action suit against the City.

Racial Profilingis a widespread problem among many police departments throughout the United States. Racial profiling is a violation of your constitutional rights but many police departments either encourage racial profiling, do little to discourage it, or, worse – sanction racial profiling as being necessary. The United States Constitution protects all people against police brutality and gives certain civil rights to the people.? Most people are aware of the Fourth Amendment that protects us from unreasonable search and seizures, false arrests and illegal detention. But there are other important amendments that come into play such as the Fifth, Sixth, Eight, and Fourteenth Amendments. If you feel that you are being discriminated against and being profiled in your neighborhood please sign below.

1. Stop Discrimination

2. Stop Police Misconduct

3. Stop Illegal Detention

4. False Arrests

5. Stops Without Probable Cause and Racial Profiling

6. Illegal Search and Seizures

7. Unnecessary Force

8. Stop Verbal Abuse

9. Lack of Professionalism

10. Lack of Courtesy

11. Stop Harassment

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