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Police Force For Animal Cruelty

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In the world we live in, we co-exist with many different types of animals and species. Unfortunately, unlike the humane race, there is no dedicated force in place to protect all these other creatures that inhabit the earth. Everyday innocent animals and species abused, beaten, and even killed due to the lack of protection and laws. This is where we want to help. We want to start a movement to make federal, state, and local governments have a separate police force to focus on the protection of animals and wildlife. Find out more information and why you should join our movement.

What is this movement is all about?

This movement is all about establishing a separate police force in all states and local governments that focuses on the rights and protection of animals and nature. We plan to do this by your support.

Here is what are movement is about:

  • The rights and humane treatment of animals around the world
  • The protection of nature and the environment around the world
  • Establishing a positive relationship between the public, government agencies, animals, and nature.
  • Creating a better planet for current and future generations.

What we are not about:

  • We are not anti-police or government.
  • We are not trying to replace current organizations, i.e. the EPA.
  • We are not focusing on household pets or nature preserves, all creatures and wildlife.
  • We are not focusing solely on the United States. We hope this movement becomes global.
Why should you support our movement?

This is a question we would like to answer in detail to entice you to jump aboard and join us on our journey to making the world a better place for everyone. Let us explain what we are all about in three good reasons

Reason #1:

For starters, we have a police forces that are ran by federal, state, and local governments to enforce laws and to help protect the rights and welfare of human beings, but not nature or for animals. While we do have local animal control, humane societies, and sometimes police deal with cases that involve animal cruelty and wildlife endangerment, there is not enough there in these departments to get it all covered. By this, we mean that there are not enough resources in place, rules and rights, and consistency in order to ensure the safety and well being of the animals and wildlife on our planet.

Not Enough Resources:

The police, animal control, humane societies, and other agencies are swamped with their own duties and budgets. Many of these organizations do not have the time or man power to investigate and prosecute those who harm animals and nature. Because of the caseload and responsibilities that many of these agencies face, the focus on the protection wildlife and all other creatures become neglected and forgotten. Having a dedicated law enforcement force in all states and towns would help ensure that cases involving animal or wildlife endangerment get attended to 100% of the time.

Rules and Rights:

When you have a specific law enforcement agency dedicated to the wellness of animals and nature, you give them the same rights as police do. Eric Forgue, one of the founders of this movement, spent two years and a licensed humane investigator in Illinois. During this time, he had the right to investigate complaints of animal cruelty and impound an animal that was being kept in cruel condition. While this does sound like enough, it is not. Animal shelters and animal controls do not have the right to arrest,charge, and prosecute those who harm animals and wildlife.

If we were to have a separate police force, they would have the same rights as police officers, which would include:

  • Arresting, charging, and prosecuting people
  • Being able to search houses with a warrant
  • Break a window of a car that has an animal suffocating or freezing in the car
  • Use police lights and sirens to get to situations that are time sensitive
  • Be respected and treated equal by police, citizens, and government.

These rights will ensure the best quality service for our animal friends and the nature around everyone on this earth.

Dedication and Consistency:

During Eric Forgue’s time as a cruelty investigator, he found a huge fluctuation in the amount of dedication the police, the courts, and the government have had with the topic of protecting nature and all it’s creatures. Some were really dedicated and other were not. By this, some of the municipalities were fighting for the animal/nature, while others did not see any importance in the issue. Because of this, there is no consistency. Having a humane law enforcement force in place will keep a steady stance on the rights of animals and the environment.

Reason #2:

The second and a very important reason to support this movement is our agenda to also protect the environment. With a law enforcement agency at all levels that focus on the humane treatment of animals and the preservation of nature, it will benefit you as well.

Here is why:

The Environment Is Being Destroyed:

It is well known that the environment is becoming worse and worse everyday. The EPA can only do so much with the time and resources they have. Because of this, having officers dedicated to catching people involving crimes against the environment out on the field will prevent people from littering, committing illegal acts against nature, illegal hunting, etc… This is because people will be deterred from the crimes knowing there is a higher chance of them being caught and charged.

One might not see this as important, but with the environment being destroyed, we lose so many species. It is estimated that 150 to 200 species of plant, bird, and mammal go extinct every 24 hours. Because of this, it affects all of us in so many ways.

Here are a few:

  • Plants that give us oxygen like trees (deforestation) are being destroyed, which is going to affect us as it gets worse
  • Species that help our environment like honey bees are disappearing.
  • With more and more species going extinct, it will disrupt the food chain causing a “Great Depression Effect”
  • No Environment means no more resources

Those are just a few major impacts from the environment being destroyed.

An Environmental Friendly Movement Means More Money For You:

With the EPA and a Humane Law Enforcement agency in place, this country/world can focus on “greener energy” by investigating and removing crooked politicians who are being lobbied by oil and coal companies and replacing them with companies and politicians that are for cleaner energy. Doing this will save you money because over time, Energy will be switched to wind or solar powered methods, you won’t have to pay money for car gas or electric at your house anymore. This can only be accomplished by having a dedicated agency investigate these types of things.

You’ll Be Part Of History:

Being part of history is a pretty cool thing. You can feel good about yourself being on the right side of history and could possibly telling your grand kids one day about how you helped make the world a better place for them and all of Earth’s inhabitants.

The time is now to join our movement and help us by spreading the word and showing your support. You will be labeled as “One Awesome Person”

Reason #3:

You have nothing to lose by supporting this! When the time comes to make all of this happen, you’ll be wondering how is this going to affect you, but it won’t in any major way.

  • Taxes might go up slightly to fund local humane law enforcement agencies, but not too extreme.
  • Laws will be the same for you and everyone else. There will just be more laws, rights, and security for animals and wildlife

With nothing to lose, sign the petition today!

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