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Pokemon Free Roam Video Game

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The Pokemon fans signing this petition respectfully request that Nintendo create a free roam, role playing Pokemon game. We also pledge to buy this game. Here are the major and minor requests for what this game will contain. These are the three defining features of the wanted game, if any features are chosen, let them be these: -A 3-D world with a size similar to that of Skyrim's world, big enough to contain all 649 Pokemon, many in large numbers. -Trainer battles to be live action and seen/controlled from a third/first person view of the Pokemon. e.g. I send out a Pikachu to battle and then become said Pikachu for the remainder of the battle. To be clear the battle is NOT turn based, but a continous action, as it is in the anime. -Little to no plot line. The ability to challenge gyms in any order. To start as a trainer and create our own story. These are other features we request the game to contain: -All species of Pokemon are viable in a competitive battle. Similar to the way it is in the anime. Ash's squirtle can still defeat evolved enemies with higher "base stats". So in this game one can choose to train an un-evolved, partially evolved, or fully evolved pokemon and not be hindered for their choice. -For the previous request to happen, the base stats of Pokemon will have to play a lesser role in battles. Say a Tyranitar and a Squirtle are battling. Tyranitar has painfully higher stats than Squirtle, but Squirtle is nimble and a small target. So if Squirtle can dodge enough attacks while retaliating with a torrent of moves it can win. Also the damage formula could be modified to have the the base power of a move affect the final damage more than the attacking stat of the Pokemon. For example, although Squirtle's special attack stat is a pitiful 50, hydro pump's 120 base power would still cause a hit to Tyranitar to do substantial damage. When size and agility are taken into account, along with traditional stats, Pokemon battles become varied and complex. -Every move should have some use inside or outside of the battle. Even the less powerful ones such as ember or bubble. PP would be useful here. e.g. fire blast would have a larger flame, but only 5 PP, and there for only sustainable for short amounts of time. Where as ember, having 40 base power compared to fire blast's 120, could be sustained for 6 times as long, have 30 PP. -Have every Pokemon in this game from Generation 1 through 5. To sum this game up, a Pokemon game which is set in a very very large world, with live action battles that are similar to that which takes place in the anime. These battles will be from the perspective of the Pokemon in the battle. Preferably all 649 Pokemon will be in the game, and every one to be viable in a battle evolved or not, again as it is in the anime. Also every move will have a use in battle. We will all buy this game, if we are blessed with its existence, and thank you for taking all of these suggestions into account. Nintendo we love you and the Pokemon franchise.

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