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Dear Residents of the Pointe at Crystal Lake,

For a few years now, many of us have had to deal with the inappropriate and rude behavior of the lifeguard at the pool in our development and issues around access to the pool.  This petition seeks to make two changes:

1.       To immediately terminate the lifeguard, Vasile.

2.       Review and revise rules for access of the pool.


Change # 1 – termination of lifeguard

There have been numerous complaints by residents in the development about the lifeguard's rude, disturbing and inappropriate behavior.   Following are excerpts from various encounters:

1.       A resident was not allowed to use the pool despite being on the registration list.  She was denied access because her license didn’t show a Pointe at Crystal Lake address.   The resident explained to the lifeguard that she was getting married in a couple of months and didn't want to have to go to DMV twice- first to change address and then to change name. She told him she was known to the guards and the neighbors and on the registration list as a resident so it shouldn't be a problem. The lifeguard demanded she leave. She refused.  The lifeguard then picked up his cell phone and called the police – totally inappropriate. After this situation, the resident called the property manager and was told that has received other complaints about this kid and he would take care of it. It was never fixed.

2.       The next time this resident went to the pool, she didn't say a word to this lifeguard. She simply handed him her ID.  The lifeguard looked at it, looked up and said, "I called the cops on you the last time”.  This is antagonistic and unacceptable behavior.   He then sat with his male friend, who may have been another lifeguard, at the table and they looked at each other, made comments and looked at the resident and laughed. The resident was with a guest that day.  The guest was mortified. Since these incidents she has not used the pool when this lifeguard is working

3.       A resident was asked to leave as he had not submitted his registration list.  The resident was not aware that the list existed.  The resident asked for leniency.  It was a nice day.  The lifeguard stood at the foot of his chair and would not leave.  The lifeguard threatened to call the police.  Weather intervened and the resident left.

4.       A resident  witnessed this lifeguard screaming at a 3 year old little girl- scaring her so badly that she started shaking and crying hysterically,

5.       A resident had the lifeguard threaten to call the police on him, his, wife and their elderly father

6.       The lifeguard attempted to discipline a child who was making fun of her brother. To which, the child's father said "excuse me; I'll discipline my own child".

7.       The lifeguard asked a couple this weekend if they would testify on his behalf when he was threatened with a lawsuit. The lifeguard should not be involving residents in lawsuits.

8.       A resident who has been living here for three years and has the dues taken directly out of her checking account every month was unaware that there was an additional charge for some work done on her balcony. She and her children were denied access to the pool.  Again, the lifeguard threatened to call the police if they didn't leave immediately

The incidents above are based on limited interactions with only a small number of residents.  I have witnessed others being turned away from the pool that I did not speak with.  The lifeguard is rude, insensitive and extremely inappropriate and should be terminated.

This petition asks for his termination.


Change # 2 – updating rules for access to the pool

1.       Access to the pool is restricted to only those residents who are current on their monthly dues and have submitted their registration form.  The lifeguard does not have access to the Development’s accounting system and is not equipped to answer issues.  A resident who has been living here for three years and has the dues taken directly out of her checking account every month was unaware that there was an additional charge for some work done on her balcony.  Yesterday, she, her spouse and her child were denied access to the pool because they weren't 'on the list'.  The lifeguard couldn’t provide the information on why she was not on the list and the resident was sure she was current. Furthermore, after leaving the pool, they looked up their status on the association's website and not only were they paid up but there was a surplus of $10 on their account.  If the Development believes that they need the pool to enforce payment, perhaps not allowing access to those residents who are more than 60 days late or 90 days late would work better.  Residents that are this late should be aware of their situation.  Also, if a resident, who is late on payments, does show up, the lifeguard should not be the one to enforce the no access rule.  A board member or employee of the Pointe should address the resident.


2.       The rule of having guests leave the pool area when the resident leaves the pool is extremely inconvenient. If the resident wants to go make a hamburger or walk the dog or go cool off in their unit for a little while, their guests should be able to remain.  Perhaps residents should only be allowed to leave their guests for up to 2 hours or another timeframe could work.  And the lifeguard should not enforce this rule as well.  This can be a board member or Pointe employee. 


This petition asks that these two pool access rules be updated.



Doug Mack, Chief Executive Officer



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