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PMC is throwing Ganesh idols from immersion tanks to the rivers

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Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is polluting the rivers. On one hand, where we citizens are celebrating Ganesh Festival the eco-friendly way, on the other hand, PMC is polluting the rivers by throwing the Ganesh idols and water from immersion tanks to the rivers. They were caught red-handed by Mandal representatives on 24-9-2012 at night time.

Let's face these idiots and teach them a lesson and let's also teach them to celebrate Ganesh Festival the eco-friendly way. 

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Is this not important? PMC is carelessly polluting our rivers and we all are just sitting in front of TV's and Computer's and reading articles from newspapers and are just saying "bahut bura hua", its time to act, get up, move from your places at least now, reach the police station, reach the spots and let's get together to raise our voice against what is happening in the city...

write me to if you feel you should do something at least now...


Sagar Agarwal, i.e., me myself


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