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Pledge: Peaceful Refusal to Participate in Political Persecution in the Marketplace

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Calling upon the blessings and assistance of God and all that is good, harmonious, and cherishes life; We, the undersigned, pledge the following in peace and love for our fellow man.

Whereas, The People are explicitly affirmed to be Created equally and unalienably Sui Generis, Free, and Endowed with Natural Rights herein referred to as their "Natural State"; and,

Whereas, By virtue of their Natural State The People are endowed with and in possession of honorable, unalienable, inalienable, enumerable, exercisable, equally weighted, and negative Rights, herein referred to as "Natural Rights”; and,

Whereas, These Natural Rights are herein referred to as "Negative" because they shall at all times and under all circumstances without exception provide immunity from and oblige inaction on the part of The People, enterprises of The People, the Body Politic, The State, the Constitutions and Governments of The State, and the Powers, Laws and Agencies arising therefrom; and,

Whereas, The phrase "shall not be infringed", and variations thereof including the verb "To Infringe", shall mean that otherwise taking said action will fail to secure the Natural State and Natural Right(s) of The People; and,

Whereas, Freedom of thought, speech, and expression shall not be infringed; and,

Whereas, Freedom to peaceably assemble shall not infringed; and,

Whereas, Freedom from censorship shall not be infringed; and,

Whereas, The freedom of travel shall not be infringed; and,

Whereas, Freedom of a natural person to provide for themselves their family and loved ones shall not be infringed; and,

Whereas, Freedom of the press, and the competitive free open market of ideas, shall not be infringed; And,

Whereas, The free and open market of goods and services and access thereto shall not be infringed;

We, the undersigned, hereby Pledge to peacefully, non-violently, and in the most civil and harmonious manner available to us, Refuse to marginalize, exclude, or disenfranchise any natural person from the free and open market by way of denial or refusal of goods or services or any other similar form of inhumane economic shunning, because of said person's political party, ideology, or voting record, regardless of what the circumstances may be. In short, we peacefully refuse to participate in any form of political discrimination in the marketplace.

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