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Please Stop Abortion

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Our cause of this petition is not to be controlling or act like we want to \"show who is boss\" by any means. Babies are being killed all over the world, United States, China, etc. We may not be able to do much about China or other countries, but we can in the United States because by the grace of God, we have a voice here. We will send this petition to many leaders in our government, such as representatives, senators,our governor, even the prestident. We as Christians have to start standing on issues for God. This is obviously not right. I personally went to the Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois to pray for the babies and the parents. It was amazing how many people went in there for abortions. It was also amazing how all of them came out crying. They went in feeling like it was just a small decision, and came out changed for life. Escorts brought them in, no one brought them out, and that\'s when they needed the comfort. Just the whole order of how things are done at these clinics, shows it\'s not of God. When you have a baby, you can have someone there to hold your hand, when you can\'t in abortion clinics. You have counselors at clinics. If you have an option to have an abortion, but know that there will be counselors available at the same place, obviously it will break your heart emotionally. I don\'t think people who do have abortions are bad, but they did make a mistake. And I pray all the time that God will have mercy on them for that mistake and that He will fill their emptiness with His love. I can\'t imagine how empty you\'d feel, and only God can take it away. The reason for this petition is to simply have God\'s purpose in these children fulfilled. The ones being aborted are God\'s chosen generation. They are the ones that will bring God to the world. They will help save all God\'s creation, and as a Christian, and a person desiring to please God, I do not want that generation killed. Whoever believes the same way, that abortion is wrong, and that abortion is killing children, are those that should sign this petition. On January 16-19, 2005, we are asking people to pray continuously for the decision of the Roe vs. Wade decision at the Supreme Court. Please use your prayers for this purpose. Our prayers are so powerful, and I believe God will influence our leaders, and have abortion illegalized if His people pray and fast and seek His beautiful face.


My name is Danielle, and I\'m 20 years old. I fell off God\'s chosen path for me, and had a baby of my own before marriage. Now she is almost a year old, and though I didn\'t feel ready to be a mother, I love parenthood, and I would do anything for my daughter. Also, my mother became pregnant with me because of a rape situation. She had the option of aborting me, and was constantly told to have the procedure done. She didn\'t do it because she said, \"It\'s not the baby\'s fault,\" even though she was scared that every time she looked at me, she\'s think of the rape. God had me look just like Mom, so that she wouldn\'t do that, also, I know I have purpose. Going against abortion is only one of them. Many lives will be saved by this. I know that the babies being killed have purpose too, and many things will be different if they aren\'t here. I have a strong desire to save these babies, and I have faith that it will be accomplished.w


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