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Please Help! Stop Pornography, The U.S. Attorney General\'s Commission on Pornography concluded what common sense told us long ago, that many of those who have committed sexual crimes, like rape and even worse, (far worse) crimes were heavy users of pornography. As citizens we have rights! The children in this world have the right to walk down the street and not be afraid of being molested or raped or even worse. We know that pornographic materials lead no where good. The producers and sellers of pornography use the first amendment to the Constitution as their defense saying it is protected by the free speech provision. However courts at all levels have said this is not the case with obscene materials, and there are laws on the books everywhere that attempt to stop pornography, all thats needed are people who are concerned enough to get involved, to say no to pornography and to take action to stop it. Dr. James Dobson, one of the Commissioners of the U.S. Attorney Generals Commission on Pornography, said, America could rid itself of pornography in 18 months if the recommendations offered by the Commission are implemented, but that will happen, when we as concerned citizens demand action from our government. A Public Out Cry will motivate our representatives to defend our Community Standards of Decency. Please help stop these producers and sellers of pornography from perverting the minds of the people in this Country. Let us stop these people from getting rich by causing so much crime and perversion. Please be one who will Cry Out by getting involved and writing letters to your Congressmen, asking them to defend our Common Standards of Decency and have all pornographic materials removed from our stores. Please Help! GOD BLESS YOU! --Provides email and postal addresses of the representative from your zip code. Please sign this petition by signing this petition, you will be saying you agree that all pornographic materials should be removed off our store shelfs. Please be one who will Cry Out! When we have enough signatures this petition will be sent to the President of the United States. Please sign. Click on to to find out more.

Sponsor We are interested in Common Decency. We as Christians, Need to join together and write letters to our Congressmen and let them know exactly we what we think. The Government says that one letter represents three hundred peoples views. That is why we as citizens of the United States of America need to write letters to our Congressmen and let let them know exactly what we want. Our Congressmen are there to represent the people and there views, and then to bring into existance what the people want. We are the people, So we,as Citizens of the United States of America need to speak up and let our voices be heard, There are more Christians in this world than non-Christians. But you wouldn\'t know it by the way this world is going. That is because Christians have been quiet for too long. It is time to take a stand for Jesus, it is time to stop being afraid to stand up and speak out. Let us be bold as lions and harmless as doves and speak out and tell our Congressmen exactly what we think and what we want concerning every situation. Lets not let the atheist in this world take over. Christians are the majority in this world, lets show them that, by each and every one of us writting letters to our Congressmen concerning each one of these issues as well as many others. The reason atheist have gotten prayer out of the schools and the Ten Commandments out of Court Houses and One Nation Under GOD out of the pledge of allegiance and same sex marriages legal is because they write letters to their Congressmen and let them know exactly what they want. And up to this point Christians have kept silent. Do you see why we need to write letters and speak out about our views. So our Government will know that not everyone wants the Ten Commandments out of Court houses, ect. No we as individual human beings have the same rights and freedom of speech as every one else. We need to make our desires known, because our Government is there for us. Thank You, so much for taking the time to write those letters individually, so our Government will pay attention and not think it is just some church talking and write it off as something between church and state.GOD BLESS YOU! --Provides email and postal addresses of the representative from your zip code

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