Please show Laurel and Hardy on mainstream TV again so the next generation can enjoy them.

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Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardys' inspiration can be seen in many of today's (and yesterday's) comedians. Almost 100 years since they first graced our screens, their movies are still loved worldwide by audiences of all ages and as recent cinema screenings of their films throughout the UK proved, the boys still have a massive following in the UK.

So why are they rarely seen on mainstream television these days?

If we can get enough signatures on this petition to prove that the public want to see Laurel and Hardy films on mainstream television again, then TV Executives will listen.

BBC Films recently announced their involvement in the forthcoming Laurel and Hardy biopic 'Stan and Ollie' which has been written by Jeff Pope and will be directed Jon S Baird. Steve Coogan is lined up to play Stan Laurel and John C Reilly will play Oliver Hardy. It seems to be a no-brainer for the beeb to run a season of Laurel and Hardy shorts in the lead up to the biopic. Just like they used to do back in the 70's and 80's. It would introduce younger generations to the works of the real Laurel and Hardy before the biopic is released.

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Ross Owen



September 30
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