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Please Help Us Save, Protect and Conserve the Threatened Ecosystems at Tyrell Bay, Carriacou, Grenada from Indiscriminate Industrial Development

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“Tyrell Bay Ecosystem, Sandy Island Oyster Bed Marine Protected Area (SIOBMPA) and the livelihood of fishermen and their families (mangroves, oyster-bed, coastline and marine resources, the socio economic, etc) are under threat from an indiscriminate, ill-advised marina project.”

Approximately 4.5 acres of mangroves and 6 acres of coral reefs and sea grass bed were destroyed from 2003 to 2008 to accommodate the Tyrell Bay marina project. Since the re-launching of the project in 2013 the developer has already destroyed approximately 2 acres of mangroves and continues with the dredging operations (further destruction of the coral reefs). 

The Tyrell Bay Oyster Bed in Carriacou, Grenada is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean. The implementation of the marina project has resulted in the destruction of more than 99% of the Oyster’s population within the Oyster Bed. Additionally, some fish species have become endangered within the same ecosystem. 

Please help us protect the environment and the livelihood of our communities from this threat by signing this petition

Thank you! 

(For further information, please contact Orlon Jules on mobpcinc@gmail.com or call 1473-415-5503) 


“The Environment and Livelihood of our Communities is in Peril” 

We, the undersigned call upon the Honorable Prime Minister of Grenada - Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell, Minister for Carriacou & Petite Martinique - Mr. Elvin Nimrod and Cabinet members of the present administration, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Carriacou & Petite Martinique - Mrs. Gertrude Simon-Niles, Mr. Fabian Purcell - Physical Planning Department, Port Authority, Managers and Board of directors – Grenada Marine Park Areas GMPA (Sandy Island Oyster Bed Marine Protected Area - SIOBMPA) and Fisheries Department (Mrs. Bernadette Sylvester, current Permanent Secretary responsible for Fisheries and Forestry and Former Permanent Secretary, Carriacou & Petite Martinique) to stop the project and come to the table and respectfully address the concerns and grievances of the communities of Carriacou & Petite Martinique. 

  • It was brought to our attention that the original marina project proposal submitted by Carriacou Development Corporation (CDC) was not approved by the Physical Planning Unit, Fisheries Department and Port Authority. It is our understanding that an arbitration panel was then formed in 2002-2003 following the non-approval of the original marina project proposal. This panel then approved the marina project proposal. Work on the project commenced in early 2003 and ceased in 2008. 

  • The dredging performed from 2003 to 2008 has permanently destroyed sea grass beds, displacing countless number of species (sea moss, lambi (conch), lobster, turtles, jacks, and trillions of fishes and their food chain, and more) which depended on the habitat for food and breeding environment. The Marina Project has not only affected the Mangroves and Oyster Bed but has contributed to the drastic depletion of fishes, lambi, lobster, "oysters (presently an endangered species)," etc within the Tyrell Bay ecosystem and surrounding coastal areas. 

  • There is abundant evidence of regular dense, visible patches near the water’s surface (Algal bloom) as a result of the implementation of the marina project activities. The water appears to be discolored or murky, varying in color from purple to almost pink, normally being red or green. It is important to note that this phenomenon is harmful to the marine life. The developers proposed to provide silt curtains during the dredging stage of the project. This was not done. Neither was environmental monitoring mechanism initiated by the relevant Government bodies during the first phase of the project. Work recommenced in 2013 and continues without any environmental monitoring mechanism. The oyster bed channel which was once mud is partially silted up with sand and coral reefs residues from the dredging operations.

  • Additionally, prior to the implementation of the marina, the seines (fishing nets) used to haul in at least 5 catches of more than 2 boat loads of Jacks/fishes monthly within Tyrell Bay and specifically within close proximity of the marina project (close to the Peninsula or headland of the oyster bed). The seines haven’t had more than five catches within Tyrell Bay since the commencement of the project and for the last eight years have made no catch within Tyrell Bay. It has been a perilous (10 years) period for the local fishermen and their families whose livelihood depended on the Tyrell Bay Ecosystem. This ecosystem is one of the main nursery and spawning areas for marine lives in Carriacou and Petite Martinique and the Grenadines Islands.

  • For ten long years the construction activities of the marina project have severely impacted the quantity and quality of the fishes and oysters within the Tyrell Bay ecosystem and surrounding coastal areas. The marina project during these ten years has not fulfilled its promise to provide jobs for the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique. 

  • A project of this nature in the sensitive ecosystem of Tyrell Bay call for an EIA, which include public consultation especially with those whose livelihood, depended on the Tyrell Bay Ecosystem for generations. We are yet to see an independent EIA for the project. The Government of Grenada (GOG) and Carriacou Development Corporation (CDC) have had no consultation with the community prior to the 2003 approval, especially those whose livelihoods depended on the Tyrell Bay Ecosystem for generations. The Government of Grenada (present Administration) and CDC have made no attempt whatsoever to consult with the community prior to influencing and approving of the (2013) expansion of the marina project given the many grievances from environmental groups, the local community among others and that the project expansion was denied under the previous administration (2008 – 2013), citing numerous sustainable development issues. The marina expansion will eventually result in further irreversible destruction of the Tyrell Bay ecosystem and the livelihood of the local fishermen and their families. 

  • The approval of the project in 2002-2003 has resulted in the proposed MPA boundary being shifted from the Jetty to its present location just to accommodate the marina project. In 2013 the Government of Grenada (present Administration, the same Administration under whose watch the project was approved in 2003) has approved of the destruction of an additional 7 acres mangroves and 3 acres of reefs (including sea grass beds). This approval encroaches on the Sandy Island Oyster Bed Marine Protected Area (SIOBMPA), which was proposed for MPA status since 1988 and officially established in July of 2010. 

  • These additional 7 acres of mangroves to be destroyed is situated on private property for which the developer has no approval from the owners. We understand that the developers have indicated that they have a letter of intent to lease and that these additional 7 acres of lands are crown lands. However, the survey done for the Government / Developer in 2002-2003 clearly indicates that these adjoining lands in question are private lands. Additionally, the master plan from the department of Lands and Survey indicates that these lands are referred to as Grand Anse Estate, which belongs to the Lendore and Corion families. We are also certain that the Developer and the present Administration haven’t entered into any negotiation with the owners for acquisition of the property. The owners have retained a lawyer, who issued a letter to the developer asking them to cease encroaching on the owners’ property. The developer has refused to comply with the owners’ request and continues to encroach on their property. 

The Government of Grenada, in supporting the expansion of the project has sanctioned the cannibalization (deprivation of vital elements and resources) of business from fishermen and their families in Carriacou thus compromising the ability of present and future generations to meet their own financial and socio economic needs. Hence, the Community is advocating against the marina project and the continuing expansion.

Orlon Jules
Chairman - MOB-PC


Mangrove Oyster Bed Protection Community Inc. (MOB-PC)


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