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City of Denison-City Court Judge-Show Cause Hearing in local Pit Bull case

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 This is what they are saying about this poor baby. If you watch this video you will see that this dog is not human aggressive at all. It is not fair to youth anise a dog for a dog on dog crime. Please everyone lets come together to keep this baby from being youth anised. As you will hear on the news, the dog was known to be dog aggressive, not human aggressive.

The owner of sadie said:

               The life of my dog is on the line at this show cause hearing. so I ask you to read this and sign if you agree she should be given another chance. Sadie is an unusually sweet pit bull. Many of you have been to my home and know exactly how she is. Unfortunately, a few days ago Sadie worked loose of her harness while on a lead after being scared by high line workers and left the yard before my girlfriend could get to her. My girlfriend did not know Sadie had entered the house when one of the family members had opened the door to go inside. We were told she ran into a neighbors home and subsequently killed their family Chihuahua. These were two pregnant female dogs, and according to local vet, hormonal differences affected this outcome. This dog was never on a leash when outdoors and was constantly barking and lunging toward my dog when I walked Sadie. Sadie was always on a leash when walked. Yes, any dog will get excited when another dog is barking and yapping and charging them. Yes this was a small dog but dogs see threats, not size. My mom quit walking Sadie altogether because every time she went in that direction this is how the dog acted. The other family is petitioning heavily to euthenize my dog.. While I do not in any way make light of what happened to the other dog, this was an isolated incident. In the interim before the hearing Sadie will be placed in a kennel when she needs outside and will remain inside our home for the remainder as she always has. We have been working on an 8 ft. chain link fence before this incident happened and it shall be completed. While I have been issued citations, I will also follow the full extent of the law 


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