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Please help to prevent Art and Stock Theft on DA!

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Dear dA,

More and more members are contemplating leaving DeviantArt

because very little is being done by the administration to help prevent

and deal with theft.

Many Core-members are highly indignant that dA has increased

the fee for Core-membership

but does nothing to protect the members art in return.

For 50$ a year we think we are entitled to better protection!

We think that's not fair and call for:

1. The removal of the download button for blocked users!

Blocking a User has only one affect, they cannot comment on your deviations and you cannot comment on theirs. They can still see and download deviations from your account, so blocking someone is pretty pointless. We ask that when we block a user that the ability to view and download our deviations is removed.

They shouldn't have the opportunity at all to watch the sites where they are blocked from!

2. Download Information

We want to see which DA users have downloaded our deviations.

And yes we understand that anyone who doesn't log-on cannot be identified, (well actually that's not true as you do have some information as Google Analytics shows), but we are willing to just be provided with the information you have available. Where our deviations have the download button disabled for non-DA members, we would then know unequivocally who had downloaded our deviations.

3. Stop Hotlinking!!!

Please prevent hotlinking by outside sites to our deviations.

It is outrageous that someone can hotlink to our deviation and to add insult to injury, the core members are actually helping to pay for the use of bandwidth via their subscription fees. It's not complicated to do, so why not do it and save yourself some money in the process?

4. The removal of "watch recommendation"

(Only available for new deviants!)
Unfortunately this has ended up as being a "recommendation for spammers"!
Over the last weeks many members have a lot of new watchers with empty accounts and they have many problems with spamming!
This is pretty strange, unpleasant and it feels uncomfortable!
Why aren't new members informed of this list and asked if they wanted to be on it?

5. The removal of right-click and save.

Please remove the ability to right-click and save. Actually we are not interested in any comments from the administration that if someone is determined to steal they will find a way to do it, because we all know, that in real life, removing it will put off 99% of people from stealing our work.

6. Bulk Edit of Deviations

Yes we know it is far more exicting to add all the pretty bells and whistles to the site but can we for a moment get back to basics? As part of our subscription fee we demand that a facility is provided for bulk-editing our deviations. It is unrealistic for DA to think that someone with thousands of deviations has to change each and every deviation individually.

We all need more protection for our art!


We demand:

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