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please help these five children be brought bk home to their mother

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Please help me bring home my babies kaydenc and autymn shadbolt Wootton. On the final hours of thee 18.1.15 these two beautiful well cared for children were uplifted from my care outta their warm beds just before midnight. They were peacefully sleeping and mum was heading tht way too. 4police and two unknown cips workers bursted thru my drs and handed me a health n safety warrent to uplift these kids with the fear they were being neglected by me their devoted and caring mother. I am currently pregnant with twins. Was tired stressed from not getn help after several attempts to ask via cips n Richmond services yo help me gain some support in seeking help for my 8yr old jayda frm taking off and several attempts at askn for my then four yr old son to get help with his unknown behavior he had since a very young age. I never hurt my children in any way. Tht isn't the person I am. I fought this battle the next day Monday the 19.1.15 against Linda Johnstone papanui child young persons social worker being the social worker tht i had asked for support in past problems tht arose frm my home relating to my children. I noted tht while I was in her office she then protested to me tht I was depressed and she ordered for me to seek a pysicatric assement in order to gain bk mychildren in her eyes i am very unstable and my children were under threat of me showing this towards them. I didn't understand as I had not done anything but ask for her helped over n over again. I seeked help knowing I very well could have been heading this way if help wasn't sort for my children. AT 6months pregnant with twins I was expectingly tired n cried at times for them not answering or supporting me to get tht help. Kaydenc had an outburst n I let him continue this in front of my worker emma gomez (richmond services) days before he was taken to show her the extreme of his behavior being the last point of action to take for someone to help him n myself. I also asked of Emma to notify cips n express wat had happened tht day at my home. She did this and states to me she did not atal express any concerns for my children's safety atal. I am still currently working with Emma only now for a assement on my mental health asap to get my children home to me. There is a lot of bk ground to reasons why my children were showing certain behavior problems but definitely not as a result to my parenting them. I am now asking of ppl tht know me and my children well to sign my petition in order for the right authority to gain knowledge into how people in the closeness and or wider community that know of me and my children to understand more of my truth behind this. I am now sad and have lowering self esteem as a result of being put in this position. My two younger children will be suffering this impact aswel if not a lot more then I am. Its been 7days since I last seen my babies. And in respect to tht reattachment disorders will be well under way with them. Autymn is aged nearly 2yrs old n kaydenc is now 5, he was uplifted no more then 10minutes before his 5th bday on the 19.1.15. Kaydenc has already suffered this detachment from a past upheaval frm me at age 3 yrs. from this case kaydenc is wetting himself and they have put him in daytime nappies autymn now aged 2 has suffered a broken arm and Jayda is likely to betaken further away t another family home she hasn't seen her siblings only once, these children have not seen there dad apart from one 1hr visit, it is now the 28th of april and the twins have now arrived on the 22 of april on that day the 22 april just 6 hours after I brought these babies into the world linda johnstone walked intochch womensand took custody of these two wee boys stating they were in immediate danger of me despite them being 35 weeks gestation and weighing only a little 4"11 ans 4"13 going upto nicu and likely to be there for a number of weeks, these boys are reaching term to be discharged and its been told to me they wont be returning,. I don't understand this as I am a gud mother, I cant prove the history of my life, nobodys completely perfect but as a single mum I was in the 90% of it,and this is why I am now asking people to please stand next to me and help me show the truth in this, this system needs to be looked at and corrected as it shows innocencefamilies go thru this mess every single dayof there lives,now also my 5 childrenand myself are going thru this aswel,,At tht thought in mind the return of my children is needed asap.home to a safe and nurturishing mum,I am asking tht only genuine ppl tht know me well n truely and trustlying to sign this plz and include a contact number they can if needed be reached on. Thanks so much to the ppl already supporting me.ur continued support is very much appreciated and wanted. I am determine to fight for my children's wellbeing and tht of mine aswel. Let's fight bk against this also to prevent other mums n also dads dealing with this sort of problem. I am a loving devoted mum with of course my own lifetime problems but do not under anyway deserve this to happen. for more true stories based on children being removed go to

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