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FORCED ADOPTION !!! Help Save A Baby's Life

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I am a women from the Romany community I have a beautiful young Boy that means the world to me . My child Means more than life it's self To me , And I would do anything Even die for my child Like any mother would in there right mind, Going back to January 2014 , the police along with social services Came and took my son Saying that he was at risk. To any one who knows me Or understands the Romany culture This statement isI am a woman of the Romany community I have a beautiful young boy that means the world to me. My child means moThe police along with social services came and took my son saying that he was at risk. To anyone who knows me, or understand the Romany culture this statement is absolutely a statement that isn't true and outrages me. People that no our culture understand that our children are our life's and soul. We would never put them at risk or jeopardise there safety!! Now my rights as a mother have been taking away from me From services that don't no me don't understand our culture. These services that say they serve justice. What is justice? Stopping a mother being a child to her son?? To stop my son having presents of his mothers love and caring around him at all times and to protect him? Yet these so called service give sick and twisted indivdules new identity, good life's all as a cover up from there evil and evil actions!! I could go on forever. For....(however long) I have had to see my child in a day centre. I travel (how ever many miles) 3 times a week just to see my child. I couldn't care if i had to travel the whole counrty to see my child. I haven't ever missed a day I have done all that they ask me to. And to them that is not enough!! The social services still want to put my child up for adoption although I have asked and done everything all that's asked off me! I have tried everything in my power to bring my baby back home where he belongs and still they want he to get adopted. I am asking for all reading this to help me fight this fight I have been fighting to help me and just give one signature that could change 2 lives. One to change my life and to stop my heartbreaking every night before I sleep and every morning when I wake up just to bring my boy home. And the main life to be changed is my boys. To bring him back to his mother where he belongs and be in my arms everyday of his life!! Please don't just read and ignore one your signature could change our life's please just sign! Thanks you all and god bless you all X

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