Please don't retire Matt!

Michael Godric
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Anxiety does suck, yes. But you don't have to worry about not proving yourself to anyone! Or living up to some name! You've already built such an amazing legacy for yourself and build Competitive CoD in general! Without you, who knows if CoD eSports would be where it is without you... You've also build OpTic pretty well yourself, along with Hector! You didn't give up on OpTic after UMG Philly when a lot of people did. While you may have many haters (of which most pros would go into a fetal position from all that hate), the amount of supporters will out weigh them any day! You just can't let them get in your head! We understand that's difficult with anxiety but with the Greenwall behind you, I'm sure COD: AW will keep you in the competitive scene for a little longer! :D Please don't retire because of the stress from trying to keep us happy, we already love you Nadeshot!

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  • 3 years ago
    Michael Godric
    3 years ago