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Positive Pit Bull imagery in a McDonald's Commercial

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   Recently, McDonald's aired a highly controversial radio ad in which it was stated that trying the restaurant's new McBites was "less risky" than petting a stray Pit Bull. Listen to the radio spot here: http://youtu.be/SAEg0WsRz64

    While we know that ANY stray dog should be approached with caution, singling out the "stray Pit Bull" as the one to avoid contributes to the all-too-familiar vilification of this breed that we love so much. The American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the world's most misunderstood dog breeds, feared for a negative reputation that has been proven time and time again to be undeserved. Myths and the perpetuation of those myths has caused the Pit Bull to be one of the least adopted breeds, causing them to have some of the highest rates of euthanasia in local shelters.

    We are also saddened to hear that this is not the first time McDonald's has unfairly targeted our breed. In 2011, a Ronald McDonald House in Florida denied a Certified Therapy Dog (and Canine Good Citizen) access to their program simply because Buster Blue is a Pit Bull.

    Pit Bull rescues struggle to battle the Pit Bull's maligned image day in and day out, while trying to find homes for the dogs that they rescue. Ads like the one that McDonald's ran, are reckless and only serve to force a crushing blow to the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier, further contributing to their low adoption rates, abuse, and neglect.

    The undersigned are requesting that McDonald's use its worldwide reach to make a difference for all the Pit Bulls that have been victims of a bad reputation that they neither earned, nor deserve. We want McDonald's, a family company that many of us have loved and grown up with, to take a stand for family values - because those of us that love our Pit Bulls consider them family. We'd like McDonald's to right this wrong by airing a commercial that shows the American Pit Bull Terrier in a positive light. If you need any actors, the shelters and rescues are chock of full of lovable characters that would love to ham it up for the camera. 

    McDonald's - you have offended us and lost our business. Consider this petition as an opportunity to possibly win our business back.



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