Pitbull Owner Rights

Jacqui LoConte
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I don't understand why people think that it is so necessary to be afraid of pitbulls. Why does house insurance cost more if you own a pitbull? Why does it cost more to license a pitbull than other breeds? Yes pitbulls can be aggressive dogs, but so can any other dog. The owners are the problem, the dog is taught how to act as a puppy they werent born snapping at everything that came near them. Lynn Ma. has just put a law into effect stating that pitbulls need to be walked with a muzzle. If they are being walked without a muzzle it is a $300.00 fine and/ or the animal may be confiscated. This law was passed because a pitbull escaped from the basement of its home and mauled an 11 year-old boy......? What is muzzling a pitbull who is restrained on a leash going to do? If these dogs are well taken care of they are the most loving creatures, just like any other dog. If you think pitbulls should be treated like any other breed of dog please sign your name!





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